P:R Approved: Erica Henderson’s Hercules!

Note: P:R Contributor Jon Morris has been on a tear with his series of re-creation blogs, and he just started a new one with The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe – Reduxe Edition. Over there, the always-phenomenal Erica Henderson contributed a great new interpretation of Marvel’s manly prince of power, Hercules. Taking inspiration not only from Marvel but the character’s mythological origins, Henderson’s given this salty dog new life — and even made him a bit older! – Chris A.


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  1. @ Tim he should definitely play him in a movie!!!

    I like the back to basics look, if he was in Ancient Greece. But I think the modernized look he rcently had did a good job of paying homage to the greek myths as well with the Lion motiff, and ancient greek weapons.

  2. This guy can only talk in throaty whispers for the ladies AND SCREAMING. I love him. I want him to be voiced by Brian Blessed. That said, this is a period hero, not a modern one.

  3. The image indeed made me think of the depiction in Jason and the Argonauts, where Hercules looked less like a bodybuilder and more a classic Greek athlete.

    Man, I loved that movie (and all the Harryhausen Sinbad stuff) back when I was a little kid.

    Funny, I did a wiki search on Nigel Green after his name was mentioned above, and found out he wasn’t even forty when he portrayed Hercules. But he was one of those actors who looked older than his years-apparently he usually played authority types or elder statesmen. Sadly, he also didn’t have the happiest life, and (most likely) committed suicide at age 48.

    All my best.

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