P:R Redesign: Nathan Nelson’s Venom!

Note: Bring on the bad guys! Artist Nathan Nelson makes his P:R debut in this frightening taken on Spider-Man’s most fearsome adversary, Venom. Inspired by news of a potential standalone Venom movie, Nelson has done a really tyrannical design here, bulking up the symbiote and also injecting Spider-Man’s trademark webbing pattern on the black costume with stunning results. – Chris A.

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  1. That’s pretty killer. Menacing without all that slavering and weird anatomy that Venom usually has going on. The suggestion of webbing almost makes it look like he’s wearing chitinous plates.

  2. I like this it’s well proportioned,even though I think it’s only so many ways to re design Venom.The whole stand alone Venom movie is so silly,you need Spider-man to work in with Venom’s whole backstory.It’s like having a Joker movie without Batman,there are comics that focus soely on Joker but halfway through the movie the crowd will wonder where’s Bats.

  3. I love it. The ONLY thing I liked about the black suit and venom in Spiderman 3 was the design. I loved the negative Spiderman suit and the way the webbing looked like veins on Venom. The spectacular Spiderman did a great job with the transition from the black suit with webs, to the solid black suit as it took over Peter. I’d love to see this look applied to the current version when he Venoms out. I personally like the current comic.

  4. Not a fan of the fingernails and toenails, but I completely dig using the organic web pattern to break up all that flat black. Well done.

  5. Well to me it looks like just a mix between the movie costume and the original costume with a bit of Killercroc

  6. I can’t stop looking at this stunning image. I don’t think I’ve taken my hand out of my pants all day.

  7. JSG: I think it’s only so many ways to re design Venom

    You say this of a shape and color changing symbiote suit that can change host?

    anyways, i really like the overall anatomy and bulkiness, i wish the web patterns were more chaotic, and the talons were just a continuation of the fingers, the spider and eyes could be lighter in color but they already work.

  8. This is really great; design and drawing. I like that the “whites” are a little dark, but I agree that it would really push it a little more if the “webbing” was more chaotic and veiny feeling (which I assume is what it’s going for anyway.) But that could easily be something that different artists could approach differently. Awesome. (And, for the record, I hate Venom, except for the current Flash Thompson version.)

  9. (@Mario Silva) Eddie Brock/Venom is being redesigned here,and for the most part when a symboite posses someone to become Venom he only has a certain standard look.Big,Bulky,Sharp teeth,tounge etc,are Venom’s common traits, you can’t redesign him to far away from these common traits because then the redesign probably won’t be reconizged as Venom but possible some other symboites like Caranage or Toxin etc.Going back to my original point in my eyes there are only so many ways to redesign Venom.

  10. Reminds me of Quitely artwork. It’s got good ideas and I don’t dislike it, but I feel like the artist could go further with this

  11. Venom as originally designed = Spider-man black suit (no bulk, no mouth)
    The real first venom (Eddie) was showing his own grin of normal teeth (big human bulk)
    Then came the fangs, drool, weird anatomy and bulkiness. Got a tail when with Gargan. Then Flash Thompson with a controlled military look…

    Venom has a very distinct monochrome look and unique spider symbol, the rest is up to imagination.

  12. @Mario Silva I agree, with imagination there are endless possiblites for redesigns.I guess when I think about redesigns I want certain trademarks of the said character I’m redesiging to still be intact.That way the character is still recognizable,and keeps the charm and appeal of the character.

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