P:R Approved: Sunfire by Rashad Doucet

Note: Another great piece coming courtesy of Jon Morris’ The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Reduxe Edition, wherein artist Rashad Doucet has delivered a fabulous rendition of the hotheaded former X-Man Sunfire. Pulling in elements of his Age of Apocalypse rendition, as well as Shiro Yashida’s samurai upbringing. With a costume like this, who wouldn’t want to see Shiro make a return in Marvel’s NOW! campaign … well, now?! – Chris A.



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  1. Cool char design, but for another fire-related japanese character. He is not Sunfire, nor looks like him.

  2. I don’t know. Sunfire was always so imposing, despite being relatively small and slightly built. I feel this was mostly due to the boldness of his costume design. Really, it’s such a perfect costume that any drastic redesign will pale in comparison.

    Even discounting that bias, I’m not too crazy about this one. It’s charismatically drawn, but that’s about all it has going for it. The repitition of the sun symbol just takes away from its power, and I’m not crazy about any superhero carrying bladed weapons (Wolverine should be the exception to the rule). I don’t know, if you lost the three lower sun symbols and gave him energy fists or something, I’d probably completely reverse my stance and like it a lot.

    My favorite OHotMU redesign so far was Anaconda. Totally rehabilitated a pretty awful character design. It’s a really fun site in general.

  3. I like this alot, you can’t go wrong with that color scheme. If I had to make a criticism maybe the red sun circle is used too many times…but that’s a nitpick. Really makes Sunfire appear younger – not a bad thing.

    What’s the idea with the swords? Is he heating them up?

  4. You know what… I’d buy it. I was originally against the little Japanese flags, but that symbol is all about the rising sun, and so is Sunfire. His freaking NAME is SUNfire. The swords might be a bit over the top (I have my own issues with people’s love affair with the Katana) but I can see how having a focus for his powers might be neat. It might be even better if he was something like Young Justice Aqualad, just using the handles as a focus for his powers and the swords are ALL made of his fire. The suit hit the right amount of traditional japanese but doesn’t forget that it’s a superhero suit. It’s simply, dynamic, pleasant to look at. I love it

  5. Kind of torn on this one.
    On one hand, it is a beautiful design & great art.
    On the other I don’t feel it really fits Sunfire as a character. Why would you use “Sun-swords” when you’re powers are primarily blasting?

    I also wonder why every so often in comics every character from Japan (or most other countries) must dress in very cultural specific dress.

    And yes I’m aware Sunfires traditional mask was Samurai patterned, but it was more subtle.

  6. Honestly as well intentioned as this is it looks like sunfire raided the silver samurai’s closet before heading off to work. If you changed the colour scheme it would make an awesome look for the new silver samurai, but sunfire is capable of generating solar plasma he has no friiggin use for a sword. It is a cool design but not for sunfire.

  7. Tony – US characters occasionally dress in very “American” outfits … for example any character wearing a baseball cap as part of their super suit (Arsenal, Static Shock) … also disco inspired outfits (Dazzler, Powerman, FireStorm, etc) and not to mention all of the USA patriotic heroes (see Spirit of 76 and his colonial hat!)

    Ssince the US is a relatively young nation the only “real” cultural American dress is that of the Native American Indians/First Nations and we have our share of those, too.

    But I’d say the reason they exist is that they can give a character a more unique identity which connects them to their heritage…and can have some cool design elements!

  8. Wow,I don’t even know the character this is based off,but this is so my style.I love this, keep more stuff from this guy coming.

  9. Okay, throw away the sword blades. Imagine those handles blasting an enemy, or being shaped into a superhot plasma stick, or net. If we take away the scabbards and make those swords nothing but physical manifestations of his power, they become all the more versatile and kind of awesome.

    I also think we could probably get away with more Japanese patriotism and simply make him the Japanese equivalent of Captain America. He is a living symbol of the best parts of his homeland.

    Though, the more I look at this, the less I see Shiro Yoshida. I see this as a young mutant with similar abilities who inherited the name at some point in the future

  10. I like it. A lil too young looking but I like it. And the idea alot. That said a bit more red for the gauntlets would look a bit better, and a new mask. I think the mask always helped with the intimidation factor. the AoA Sunfire mask was simple but cool, a mix between the two would be awesome. Like an Oni Mask almost.

  11. thanks guys!!!

    as for the swords thought it’d be sweet to give him blades using his heat energy. flashy visuals yes. fun to draw double yes! also it fits in with his origin.

  12. This guy looks awesome, I would totally buy a comic about him. If they wanted to reinvent Sunfire as more of an Avengers-type character than an X-Men one, this would be a great route (like a national icon or something).

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