P:R Approved: Enrique Breccia’s Wolverine For The Unpublished “The Last Wolverine Story”

Note: Conceived years before Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s momentous “Old Man Logan” arc in Wolverine, “The Last Wolverine Story” by writer Joe Harris and Enrique Breccia was commissioned by Marvel in 2001 to be a sort of Dark Knight Returns for the mutant beserker. Although canceled before it could see the light of day, several images have been released from Harris and Breccia’s proposal. Check out this amzing design by Breccia, and if you want more head over to Harris’ website where he outlines more of the project and shows off some more art done for the aborted series. – Chris A.

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  1. I love it. Post-apocalyptic garage-samurai Logan. Even the hair looks great. (I hate it when the artist gives him hair horns).

    I’m going to the artist’s site now to see if he explains those weird concave bits screwed into his chest plate.

  2. Seems like a lot of armor for a nearly-invulnerable berserker to haul around.

    Wolverine has become such a played-out caricature that it takes a lot to make him interesting to me. There are some good-looking images at that link, though.

  3. NIce! I love the story idea, though Old Man Logan was similar and a great read. I would love to see this get made. I think there is a little bit too much with the armor but the idea of the patchwork armor is cool.

  4. Not sure I understand all of that hodgepodge armor … maybe they’re trophies from his defeated foes? Anyway, seems clunky and and I can’t imagine any level of stealth being achieved in this get-up.

    I always envisioned that “final” evolution of this character would be of one of two extremes…either Logan would fully embrace his human nature and ironically become a pacifist type zen leader …. or fully embrace his berserker/animalistic nature and turn completely feral, living in the woods naked.

  5. This image and the script at the link are pretty damn cool. Nice of the them to share it with the world since it will never be published.

  6. just can’t imagine what would happen if he realllly needs to go to the little wolverine’s room…

  7. Wow. This is pretty old isn’t it? I remember seeing this in an old Wizard magazine. Like from the 90s.

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