P:R Redesign: George Kambadais’ Damage Control!

Note: Like a returning hero, artist George Kamdadais returns to P:R today with his take on the real heroes of the Marvel U — the ones that clean up the mess after those battles: Damage Control. George has got the jumpsuits in full effect, with Black Goliath and Hercules making some alterations of their own. All in all, this rendition has really put them into focus as the working man’s hero and the real problem solvers in the superhero genre.  – Chris A.

4 comments to “P:R Redesign: George Kambadais’ Damage Control!”
  1. Hey, it’s the Super Janitors! … er my bad, the Super Custodians! I can’t understand why Hercules “The Lion of Olympus” would even be on this crew, surly someone of his power and experience can find a better way to make some scratch.

    Anyway, this look is a pretty good for the team/group/staff or whatever they’re considered. Reminds me of Star Trek for some reason, must be the colors … wonder if that was subliminally on George’s mind when he came up with this because “red shirts” are all pretty disposable here.

  2. Hercules worked with the team before as community service after being arrested for a drunken rampage. After that, they actually hired him on as an employee after he lost his riches after being sued. Seriously.

  3. Also, they clean up after SUPER BATTLES. I can’t imagine how much money they could make after one clean-up. they have to enter areas that might be affected by chemical powers, background radiation, expanses of rubble or just really nasty stuff. Think about how hard it has to be to get rid of webbing before it breaks down

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