P:R Approved: Patricio Oliver’s Hellions!

Note: Another excellent piece organized by The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe REDUXE Edition, as P:R regular Patricio Oliver dreams up a new look for the then-evil Emma Frost’s band of teenage mutants. I like how Oliver’s kept the triangular logo intact while reimagining the cuts of their garb and each character’s own unique flourishes.- Chris A.

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  1. Because the art style itself is so far removed from the norm and minimalized, it’s effectively impossible to review the costuming itself. Are the clothes functional, for example? Can’t say. Does each outfit represent the individual’s personality or power? If I were a new fan, there wouldn’t be enough material here to tell.

    That being said, however, I *do* like the style and overall team look. It’s quite lovely for what it is.

  2. I always liked Tarot’s powerset, and that Catseye really thought she was a cat who could turn partly human.

  3. Superb work! I love how the fashions are not symmetrical. Nice colours, very different designs for different team members.

    Another knock-it-out-of-the-park entry on this blog.

  4. There’s nothing that stands out to gush over, but I like it. Simple, elements are carried over, nothing looks exploitative or like it’ll fall off, and individual to each member. Good stuff

  5. I prefer the original red/blood red color scheme, black & white is played out… But I do like the individuality here.

    Let’s discuss that new red Cyclops outfit shown for Marvel Now…

  6. Patricio Oliver’s stuff is the absolute best, especially anything having to do with the New Mutants. Bruce, for what it’s worth, these uniforms give more indication of their wearer’s powers than the originals.

    If you’re going to run a bunch of these, do Alejandro Bruzzese’s Moonstone next!

  7. I appreciate and am bemused by the difference in female form, particularly the breasts. Male comic book artists seem to have a hard time realizing that boobs come in various shapes and sizes. :-) Nice touch.

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