P:R Redesign: R’john Bernales & Chris Turcotte’s Batman, Robin & Clayface!

Note: You’d never think it, but Batman is a bit of a clothes horse. While he may not go for dramatically different looks, he is constantly updating, streamlining and reconfiguring his togs with each appearance. In this great design by the team of R’john Bernales and Chris Turcotte, Batman has taken his armored look from the Nolan movies and “New 52” comics and cranked it up a notch. His sidekick Robin and ertswhile enemy Clayface get in the action as well. – Chris A.

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  1. I’d watch this show… probably more readily than the upcoming “Beware the Batman”. I don’t know which Robin that’s supposed to be. I can only guess Tim at this point, also I haven’t seen enough of Bruce’s suit to really formulate an opinion of it. Though, I’m wondering how well the segmenting will work for his flexibility

  2. Batman: nothing new here, and can’t see much … looks like he stepped out of The Incredibles movie which is cool.

    Robin: not a huge departure either, but a nice design. The solid red torso with solid black arms & legs works, but the 3 clasps look like they could be an “E” insignia. The gloves and boots look like they could have some interesting hi-tech surprises.

    Clayface: reminds me of Oggie Boogie, it’s difficult to mess up Clayface and this is a nice rendition. Like to see this animated, how would his surface behave? drippy, solid, somewhere in the middle?

  3. This blew me away! I absolutely love it! Is this just a personal project or something official? It looks like it’s from a prime time 3d animated series. Stunning work! Great job!

  4. Those designs would make an awesome cartoon with an art style similar to Clone Wars… I like Robin’s look in particular… sweet!

  5. Batman seems like just “more of the same,” and I bet the points in his armor plating make it ouchy to bend. Clayface is cool, but a bit too spindly in the middle. But that Robin is inspired! Love everything the Boy Wonder’s got going on here, and his feather-like hair tops off a perfect redesign for me.

  6. Nice stuff, obviously well-suited for animation. I wish that the lighting was a bit less dramatic, so that I could see more of the details. I also don’t really get Robin’s stripes, assuming there is something to get.

    Nothing is especially original here, but I definitely like the drawings.

  7. These are all great, stylized models that make me want this team to get a go at a Batman series. Do yourself a favor, and click the link to their blog in the description. They have a three page chase sequence between Robin and Clay face that is stunning.

  8. Looks okay. It’s really not so much a redesign as a stylization, as the actual designs hew pretty close to standard. My only real quibble are the knee pads on Robin. The almost sick figure design of the legs makes them seem overly cumbersome and more of a hindrance than a form of protection or support.

  9. These are awesome designs. Love the “shapieness” of the Batman design and the cool proportions of Clayface. I feel the inspiration of the Robin design. Feels like a little G-Force/Gatchaman going on. If it were a little more minimal/streamline like the Batman design it would be dead on. Other than that, very fun. Nice job on all three!

  10. like the style a lot, Robin needs his R, tho. It could double as the clasp that is used in the design.

  11. I’m not feeling the off-center yellow marks on Robin. It seems like they wanted to keep the asymmetry of the R emblem, but didn’t want the R emblem. Personally, I don’t feel like the R is entirely necessary and dropping it makes a lot of sense, but those yellow marks that are usually in the center don’t feel right in the R’s place.

    On the other hand though, I absolutely love the scallops on Robin’s legs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that on a Robin, but it feels really appropriate for some reason. Maybe because it feels like a visual callback to the pixie boots Dick used to wear?

    Everything else looks pretty standard. Nice art, but not a lot unexpected stuff in there.

  12. The Robin design looks like a variant of the excellent Young Justice Season One design, which would make that Dick in the costume. Love the asymetrical vest, and the incorporation of Tim’s later ‘bat/bird-cape’.

    Edwin LatorreI don’t know which Robin that’s supposed to be.

  13. NICE!! I’d watch this. I like the look of Robin but he definitely needs an “R” insignia. I also like the little “feathers” on the boots and the scalloped wing like cape. Clayface is definitely a nice look, and though the legs and torso are tiny with him it doesn’t really matter as his body is amorphous so it’s be constantly fluxuating.

  14. Well done R’john Bernales and Chris Turcotte! These are really beautiful- Batman is straight up perfect; I love your Robin design. It’s just jaw dropping. I reckon it’s a Tim or Maybe a Damian- because it looks a bit violent. The short cape is awesome and overall it looks like there is super sentai thing going on that I love. Wish it had an ‘R’, but remarkable all the same.
    Clayface is my second favorite bat villain (It’s Mr J.) so you’re off to a great start. I always imagine him as a bit dumpy, like Bruce Timm draws him, but you’ve gone in a different direction. It makes him look really dynamic- I’d love to see him move, with his sloppy feet! Again, Well done fellas.

  15. Wait…is this not for Beware the Batman? I totally thought it was. They seemed like similar Batfaces….

    I love the design. If they’re not for the show they should be.

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