20 comments to “P:R Redesign: Yasmin Liang’s Batwoman!”
  1. Everything I see here is pretty great. The mask is so cool – where it would usually seem too ornate, it perfectly compliments this 1900’s type suit.

    What worries me is the lower body … is that a skirt? That would ruin this for me, but maybe it’s just really puffy around the thighs?

    IMO – if she rides around on a (Bat-)Horse that would be a bucket full of awesome! She just looks like a horse rider, I don’t know why. She would be 100% cooler than the Lone Ranger ever was.

  2. I really like it. Mask doesn’t conceal as much as it could, but that minor quibble aside it rocks hard.

  3. … is that a skirt? That would ruin this for me, but maybe it’s just really puffy around the thighs?

    The way it’s bunched at the knee, I’d guess she’s wearing some form of bloomers. They would be period appropriate, since women did wear them around the turn of the century in order to ride horses and bikes, but they were still somewhat shocking at the time. I imagine an Elizabethan Batwoman would, by necessity, be a forward thinker.


  4. She’s probably wearing venitians – poofy, knee-high pants worn either with riding boots or long hose.

    Google Image Search kicks up some decent pictures:

    David G.

  5. Wow, that is gorgeous. Now I just want to see the rest of her outfit. (And I would so wear that to a convention if I had half a chance.)

  6. This is Edwardian not Elizabethan….right?

    Regardless, it’s FANTASTIC! I wish Batwoman wore this mask now. I feel the current mask is too brutish.

    I’d love to see her team-up with the Victorian era Amazonian Wonder Woman


  7. Wow! Absolutely blown away. Get Yasmin Liang a job on the Batwoman book! Her art is beautiful.

    Or get her on Wonder Woman! I’d love to see her take on my favorite character!

    Hell, get her on ANY comic interiors! Even if I hate the character, I’ll buy the book!

  8. Elegant, regal and powerful. This costume would translate really well to comics, I think – it follows JHW3’s red-black colour scheme and doesn’t add any excessive / distracting elements.

  9. That is sharp. I love the way the piping breaks it up without looking gratuitous, and the half-cape is an excellent touch. (Even if I have Edna Mode going “NO CAPES!” in my head. It fits the period, so she can hush.)

  10. Are you sure this is Elizabethan, though? The Elizabethan era barely made it into the 17th century (1558-1603). Do you mean Edwardian—i.e., the period from 1901-c. 1910?

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