P:R Approved: Rashad Doucet’s Captain Mar-vell!

Note: Over on The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe – Reduxe Edition, they’ve played host to a number of notable artists but for my money’s worth, the guy who’s become their MVP is Rashad Doucet. In this Captain Mar-vell piece you can see how recent SCAD grad has the triple threat: great illustration skills, great designs skills, and the ability to make it look fun. Although this redesign is of the Mar-vell version of Captain Marvel, I see hints of his son Genis-Vell and I’m not complaining. – Chris A.

8 comments to “P:R Approved: Rashad Doucet’s Captain Mar-vell!”
  1. Not an improvement on the classic suit. This has too many implied “side-kick” elements IMO – short/finger less gloves, short sleeves, sneakers, v-neck, offset insignia, tousled hair…

    I always felt that Captain Marvel should be Marvel Comics “Superman” type (I never thought Thor really filled that role as many do) and this doesn’t fit the bill. Hopefully one day the Captain Marvel character will live up to his potential and name sake.

  2. Spiffy!

    The chevron shape could have been echoed in the boots for a little more continuity, but that’s just a quibble. I really like the overtly glowing nega-bands.

  3. Not a fan of this, sorry. Everything about it from his costume, to his hair, and the art style screams SIDEKICK to me. I don’t think it works. However, I would like to see the artist redesign The Runaways. This style would be a good fit for Nico, Molly, and Co.

  4. I like it. If they had Ms. Marvel stay that and bring up No-Var, or some newbie as the new Captain I’d love this look. Digging the starbusrt as a badge

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