P:R Approved: Rashad Doucet’s Gladiator!

Note: I’ve never been a particularly big fan of the Sh’iar’s Gladiator. All would change if Marvel were to bring in a great design like Rashad Doucet‘s  to the Praetot-turned-Emporer. The classic mohawk is out in favor of a more feathered plumage type of look, and this cape-and-collar is switched out for a more regal looking piece. My one quibble would be the partial head-mask, as it seems unrealistic and inconsequential to the design as a whole. I’d imagine with this ensemble and his title as Emporer, he’d probably revert to his given name Kallark. – Chris A.

4 comments to “P:R Approved: Rashad Doucet’s Gladiator!”
  1. I didn’t even notice the head-framing skull cap/mask because of the color scheme.

    Love the formal mulitary style.

    I think the hair is overdone by about 10 percent and distracts from the rest of the presentation.

  2. The mohawk, in particular, is the one feature I never cared for that could’ve been changed or toned down, but instead was toned way, way up. I like the military leader direction it takes, but it isn’t unique to this character in any way. I would like to see the colors moved around or changed up a little bit at least. That might help move him away from the Superman knock-off, Z-lister image he’s usually associated with.

  3. Why you gotta be hating’ on the Mohawk, yo? It’s still a distinctive hairstyle, though with a bit less height

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