Fan-Art Friday: Catwoman!

Note: If anyone would have a big enough wardrobe closet to accommodate this many outfits, it would be Selina Kyle. We had 50 excellent submissions into our Fan-Art Friday: Catwoman free-for-all, with a number of P:R Regulars, P:R contest winners and even a few newcomers. We’ll start things off with this furry piece by Mark Bello — enjoy the show! – Chris A.

Mark Bello

Andy Bennett

Nathan Michael

Shane Chowtee

Zachary Gilmore

Zac Roane

Yu Lyn Chen

William D. Hodge

Viktor Matiesen

Tommy Hankins

Tom Kelly

Todd Loessy

Taylour Beadling

Tarun Padmakumar

Shaun Riaz

Shaun Riaz

Seb Threemileisland

Rob Lepon

Reji Maindrid

Régis Rocha

Randy Bishop

Paris N. Jones

Nigel Lowrey


Nicole Chan

Mike Boarts

Melinda Moses

Kyle Ladd

Kris Anka

Katrika Mediani

Joumana Medlej

Josh Thompson

Josh Awolade

Jermuel Floyd

Javey Villones


François Vigneault

Elizabeth Beals

Dean Rivet

Dane Cypel

Colin Alexander

Chris Van Dyke

Cary Polkovitz

Brodie H. Brockie

Asif Iqbal

Andy Manley

Andre Cui

Alexander Bromfield

Alex Getts

Alex Mitchell

Aaron Schultz


33 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: Catwoman!”
  1. Too much to provide feedback on everyone. So just a few notes:
    Mark Bello – Kudos on going out on a limb to reinterpret the foundational image. The eye marks and poofy neck are interesting choices.
    Viktor Matiesen – Love the kittycat hood. Not so sure about the pants legs layering.
    Tom Kelly – Wow. … Just wow.
    Todd Loessy – Classic and nicely so.
    Tarun Padmakumar – Not actually very superhero-y, but at least you’re thinking outside the box.
    Rob Lepon – A little too much sexy vicious violence for my tastes. The claws and spikes push this beyond bondage and into actual blood-drawing injury, while focusing on her nearly bare butt and lots of skin. … I like the mask, though.
    Randy Bishop – Fun style.
    Nigel Lowry – Another classic. Very pretty.
    Joumana Medlej – (insert smiley face here)
    Francois Vigneault – bwah-hah! Bonus points to you for reenvisioning the sexy female superhero trope.
    Colin Alexander – The striped top is a nice change of pace, and fits nicely with the other elements. The shirt break with the pants makes her outfit appear more of a work uniform instead of a costuming statement.
    Chris Van Dyke – Thank you for injecting more skin tone into this otherwise whitey-white sample.

  2. So many, so much greatness!

    Mark Bello’s Cat Woman could also be a great Black Cat.
    Zac Roane’s is excellent, maybe the next movie Cat Woman?
    Tom Kelly’s is like a new character, one I’d like to see in the comics.
    Elizabeth Beals’ is really cool, amazing illustration.
    Dane Cypel, Greatest Dane indeed! Get him to do concepts for… anything Batman.
    Alex Mitchell, that’s what Tim Burton should’ve done!

    Randy Bishop’s is my personal favorite, great style, love the head piece and the green jacket (more realistic than a green cape?). Animated Cat Woman show perhaps?

  3. So much goodness, I’m not sure where to begin. Most unexpected: Tom Kelly. I’m glad that the sole submission of the Animated costume by Todd Loessy is wonderfully done. Favorite background design: Seb Threemileisland. Randy Bishop’s is just beautifully stylized and smartly redesigned. Paris N. Jones–nice Bridesmaids homage. Kris, nice alternative view to your design. I appreciate François Vigneault’s looking like a real woman (Kristen Schall?). Elizabeth Beals’ is a homerun, but would be knockout if she had pants and no tummy-window. And lastly, Colin Alexander’s has got to be my favorite. It’s a beautiful mix of Batman Adventures with Dark Knight Rises in a modern comic-book style. Nicely done by all! Glad I wasn’t the only one to use the 90s Balent purple suit!

  4. Thanks for featuring my work! I’ve been a long-time fan of the site but needed the right push to submit something. I couldn’t resist a Catwoman tribute. Looks like it inspired a lot of great submissions. Great work everyone!

  5. Tom Kelly’s makes the least amount of sense but is the most awesome. I’m sure those to clauses are related somehow…

    Great work all around though!

  6. Great to see Kris Anka’s redesign in action; also loving Cary Polkovitz’s offering. I’ve always thought that with Catwoman a simple, streamlined design is best (although the Tim Burton Pfeiffer Catwoman suit is a notable exception, as the stitching on that effectively visually complement Selina’s fractured psyche).

  7. I haven’t seen anyone mention Taylour Beadling’s offering yet, so I just wanted to say that it looks great. One of my favorites. Other faves include Colin Alexander’s (number one for me), Dane Cypel’s, Todd Loesy’s and Mark Bello’s. Would have liked to see the front of Kris Anka Catwoman costume, but it’s a great action shot regardless.

  8. I was directe to this site a little while ago by a friend of mine and now I’m absolutely obsessed. Thanks for putting this thing together and thanks for featuring my stuff! I can’t wait for some more redesign challenges.

  9. Firstly let me say everything looks so cool!!!
    That said, Randy Bishop’s piece really won me over because, its practical, fun, and his style is so colourful and energetic, paying homage to what has come before…

    Marco Bell0’s piece especially the art of her in motion, is cool since it combines fur with a kevlar/amor type outfit.
    Zane Roanes version of Selina has her garments having cuts in certain places that at first I thought were just to reveal, but then I felt that it would be easier for her to be more acrobatic and maneuverable.
    Tom Kelly’s is truly a CATwoman!
    Todd Loessy’s classic animated catwoman costume has a soft corner in my heart (i still have a miniature action figure of hers).plus the art is so good!
    It’s nice to think all of the Catwoman’s are friends, as shown in Paris.N.Jones piece.
    Kris Anka is awesome as always.
    Joumana Medlej “chibi”-esque style is cute and refreshing. the “meow” made me smile.
    Hobe, although, not different in costume, his art is amazing. such a well drawn piece! I can’t stress that enough.
    François Vigneault’s art was another welcome change in style.
    Elizabeth Beals’s art is very nice, and her costumes jacket intrigues me… i wonder if that is reinforced? maybe it helps her by strengthening her elbows for running and rolling on rooftops, aswell as doubling as a bullet proof material? and the exposed skin n skintight areas make her maneuverable as well.
    Colin Alexander’s Selina Kyle looks (to me like Anne Hathaway), but i like HIS costume WAY more than the one in the movie. Also, art is great.
    Chris Van Dyke’s piece made me curious to think of a Catwoman this way… a rebel with a cause, in a different country, where maybe the CAT stands for something ELSE. Something that does what it likes at stands up to the MAN.
    Cary Polkovitz’s piece is another great art piece with a difference. this painterly style is very nice.
    Asif Iqbal’s piece looks great! It is so good in realistic terms its almost photo quality! The classice purple suit is a fun one! I love the creases in the costume.
    Alexander Bromfield’s piece is one that makes me think that if DKRises was a videogame, this would be an unlockable Catwoman costume as “White Suit Selina”.

    Thanks PR for including my work and doing what you do best! I had alot of fun with my entry and seeing all the other ones! Hope you host many more of these events, which I am sure is no easy task!

  10. I talked about the others’ great art in a previous post, but now I’m thinking I should say something about mine in case people are wondering what the 3 pictures are about. When the challenge came up, I decided not to do a redesign because I had something at the spirit of P:R in another way. I had the two drawings on the right side of my entry from long ago. For as long as I can remember, I always loved going back and redrawing old illustrations, so I stuck to the pose, outfit, rooftop of Gotham established when I was 12.

  11. I feel like a great many artists simply phoned in existing designs, which sort of goes against the whole “redesign” aspect of this website that I’m so attracted to.

    That being said, I did particularly enjoy Bello’s, Bishop’s, and Beal’s. The fact that their surnames all begin with “B” is an uncanny coincidence. They all brought something new and interesting to the table, foremost being a slight desexualization of the costume, something I can’t be against.

  12. Great to see my work in some pretty amazing company! Glad to see that my changing her skin tone was not just a way to add superficial diversity, but also change what it might mean to be Cat Woman — to be more than a cat-burglar, and more of a rebel (doubt anyone could really notice, but there’s a black-panther logo tattooed on her left arm). I was a little worried that submitting a “black cat-woman” would just remind people of Haley Berry, so I was happy to see that didn’t seem to be the case. Thanks for sharing it, and glad to be a part of one of my favorite art blogs.

  13. My faves are definitely Mark Bello’s, Randy Bishop’s and Kris Anka’s. Anka makes up for lack of clarity of costume with mood and art skills. Anka’s stuff is always sweet.

  14. firedmyass: Some of them are very, very nice.
    Many of them are… problematic, for various reasons.

    Yeah, this isn’t the first time this has come up lately, either. I’m not sure what Chris A’s position is here – does getting put on the site imply endorsement, or is it more like “I’m just showing what was submitted”? Does P:R reject anything, nowadays?

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  16. I really love Dane Cypels Catwoman. She looks cool and realistic. This is how I wanted Catwoman to look in TDKR. Nolans suit has pretty much become one of my least favourite Catwoman suits.

    I also like Shaun Riaz’s Ultimate Catwoman look. It’s very sleek and stealthy. Hobes Catwoman is great too. These are pretty much how I like my Catwoman: sleek, stealthy, no bright colors, no high heels and no leanghty hair waving in the wind.

    Praiseworthy mentions:
    Todd Loessy
    Cary Polkovitz
    Nicole Chan
    William D. Hodge
    Josh Awolade
    Kyle Ladd
    Melinda Moses
    Randy Bishop

  17. I love Dane Cypels Catwoman. That suit looks cool and realistic. This is how I wanted Catwoman to look in TDKR. Nolans suit has become one of my least favourite Catwoman suits.

    I also like the Ultimate Catwoman by Shaun Riaz. She looks sleek and stealthy. Another great one is the Catwoman by Hobe.

    These are pretty much how I like my Catwoman: sleek, stealthy, no bright colors, no high heels and no long hair waving in the wind. Catwoman should always wear some sort of cowl /cap/hoodie in my opinion.

    Praiseworthy mentions:
    William D. Hodge (I like the seams and how sleek she looks)
    Todd Loessy (always a classic)
    Randy Bishop (I like the look and attitude)
    Nicole Chan (very Audrey Hepburn)
    Melinda Moses (finally someone gave Hathaway a cowl)
    Kyle Ladd (interresting design)
    Josh Awolade (sleek and dark)

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