P:R Redesign: George Kambadais’ Legion of Substitute Heroes!

Note: What do you do when the heroes you want fail to show up? Call in the b-squad, and the best b-squad ever is DC’s Legion of Substitute Heroes. Although they may have flunked out of becoming part of the Legion of Super-Heroes, these heroes deserved some new duds and George Kambadais delivered. I enjoy how each costume has its own spirit but they’re all tied together with the glovs, boots, and their vertical seams on the tights. The hand-made looking “LoSH” nametag is an added bonus! – Chris A.

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  1. Wow, loving these! If I had to criticize anything it might be that the shoulder/knee leaves on CF could be axed (pun intended) and the flames on FL boots/gloves could be snuffed (more pun!) – But, by no means do these details ruin anything.

    Best detail IMO is that the hair styles match their powers: CK looks like a leaf, FL flames, PG icicles, NG raven in nest(? maybe/sorta) … but Stone Boy’s hair looks like more flames. Give him a ‘fro that looks like rubble!

    Anyway – I’d buy this book as long as it brought the funny! Good stuff!

  2. Hey, if Kambadais needs a writer for this title, I’m more than willing to throw my hat in the ring! This looks like this would be a fun comic to write. I love Fire Lad. It would be a hoot! Well done!

  3. Love these so much. George has done some comic work for me (on a cover) so I know first hand how great his work is. He puts so much detail and dynamism into his illustrations, and his style is great.

    On this piece specifically, I like how there’s a consistency in the costume design that separates the single-piece uniforms down the middle. That, with the name tags, gives a team look while keeping each character wholly unique and interesting. Great work!!

  4. I really like the vertical design split on each of them, and the continuity of that element to define them as a team.

    Each character’s body language is very nicely represented as a reflection of personality, given the sparse art style. Nice touch.

    And each costume is ever so slightly clunky and (ahem) not cool. It’s perfect for the LoSH.

  5. Nice designs.

    Interesting to have Polar Girl there instead of Brek Bannin. Would assume it was a straight gender swap for balance, but the body language seems to be saying new character pretty hard. Polar Boy’s the enthusiastic team leader. Polar Girl’s giving an Aubrey Plaza character vibe.

    Wondering what the thought process was there.

    Also, wouldn’t mind seeing a few of the later subs in this style. Infectious Lass’s snot cape and all.

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