Meet The Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward Judges

Note: Thank you everyone who submitted and commented on the winners for Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward earlier this week. We’ll be posting the honorable mentions this Friday, but before I do that I want to personally thank our judges — both our regulars and our special guest judges — for their contributions in making this happen. Some people might think of them as mere fans spouting their opinion, and they are… but many of them are also professionals in the comics field and provide valuable insight with their judging comments. Therefore, I’d like to give a brief rundown each of them for you. – Chris A.

Dean Trippe: In addition to co-founding Project: Rooftop, Dean has built himself up as an innovative artist and storyteller with his webcomic series Butterfly and last year’s Power Lunch graphic novel with J. Torres. Here at Project: Rooftop, Dean is the key decision maker on what art makes the site, deliberating over hundreds of submissions each year and providing a professional artist’s perspective to the site.

“Calamity” Jon Morris: Jon is the most prodigious artist of the bunch, balancing his work here with a full-time career as an artist while also running a series of super-hero “re-creation” blogs like the current The Official Handbook To The Marvel Universe: Reduxe Edition. At P:R, he’s shown the impeccable ability to see through various artist’s style to find the deeper meaning of the designs presented to us.

Joel Priddy: If ever there were a voice of reason in our defacto P:R group, Joel would be it. This former Memphis College of Art professor has award-winning taste and a discerning eye, and has more than once made me rethink my views on a piece of art after hearing his comments.

Vito Delsante: One of the P:R originals, Vito Delsante is a longtime member of the online comics community and has written some of the biggest heroes in the world from Superman to Batman to real-life icons like Albert Einstein and Babe Ruth. Delsante is the wellspring of creativity here, seeing a simple design and imagining the story-telling context that could foster such a design.

Rachel Edidin: As a long-time editor at Dark Horse, Rachel provides the unique (and often overlooked) perspective of someone put in charge of shepherding a character through time. Currently editing books like Finder, Axe Cop and Alabaster: Wolves, she knows that a imaginative redesign must be tempered with the history of the characters. But with all that stuffy professionalism, she gets just as excited as the rest of us when she sees a fantastic design.

Glen Weldon: A more recent induction into the P:R contributors group, Glen came to us purely of us enjoying his tastes as heard on NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast and over at the NPR Monkey See blog. One of us. One of us.

Jessica Plummer: Jess is a big believer in the ability of superheroes to empower people on a personal level, and through her work on Girl-Wonder.Org we’ve learned much about the views on female superheroes and the tropes, tragedies and triumphs.

… and our guest judges:

Brett White: Called in like a secret operative Mission: Impossible-style, Brett joined us for Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward to share his opinions on the team and what makes them cool. Hear why we picked him and go listen to the Matt & Brett Love Comics podcast.

Stuart Immonen: Currently working on the new All-New X-Men series, Stuart Immonen has long been a bastion of great comics design and storytelling. From his early years on Legion of Super-Heroes and Superman (and his overlooked Inferno series) all the way to his master-class at Marve with Nextwave, New Avengers and Fear Itself, Stuart has become one of the industry’s top artists while also becoming admired considerably by his peers. For Project: Rooftop, Stuart has been an informal inspiration and sometimes contributor to us, and his contributions for Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward really brought the site to whole new level.


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  1. It’s funny how much of a “one of these things” vibe you get off Plummer, as she seems to have no background with PR or design in general and no history in the production of comics.

  2. Anon: Plummer runs a popular comics blog, and has worked in publishing before. And she’s been part of the P:R team for several years now. What’s “funny” about that?

  3. Anon (how typical that someone would post something snarky and remain anonymous, but I digress),
    I don’t feel the need to defend Jess’ position with us, but I’ll say this: she’s been here as long as I have, and her opinions are invaluable.

  4. Ah, so she does have a publishing background. I was going by the bios, which gave her a “hippie on a nuclear science panel” vibe.

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