P:R Approved: Bryan O’Malley’s Danielle Moonstar!

Note: Bryan O’Malley is back at it, doing his second X-men redesign in as many months. This take on the New Mutants alum Danielle Moonstar is less a revamp and more a coalescing of what’s come before. According to O’Malley, this is an updated version of Dani’s wardrobe from New Mutants #37 by artists Mary Wilshire and Bill Sienkiewicz. One can just imagine the possibilities of a full-on Bryan O’Malley X-tale. – Chris A.

4 comments to “P:R Approved: Bryan O’Malley’s Danielle Moonstar!”
  1. I don’t even want to know what the “Dark Rider” tag refers to.

    Cool drawing. Patricio Oliver will always be my first choice for a New Mutants restart, though.

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