15 comments to “P:R Approved: Austin Madison’s Green Lantern!”
  1. The ‘glowing’ circle in the center of the humanoid’s face is the dominant element, and nothing else really matters. But if you scroll the figure off screen to remove the head, the costume is somewhat lacking in aesthetic appeal.

    I’m OK with the faceless design. I also want more below the neck.

  2. Interesting. I think had they reversed the colors on the body, and made the mask all black with the green lantern symbol it may have worked better. But I like it.

  3. I don’t really dig it. Where is the “green” of GREEN Lantern? The grey makes the design lack some strengh and character. Nevertheless, it would be nice for the 3rd Army or just good for everything else except GL, the design is nice.

  4. the design is very cool and fresh,finally something different for GL,and I like it because it is simple,different but the character is surely recognizable,I just would leave the glowing circle on the chest,it remembers too much Iron Man and I think it repeats uselessly the symbol on the face.

  5. With the geometricaly lined one piece and full covered head / glowing monoptic, it looks like this would be a Green Lantern extracted straight from the Batman Beyond universe. In that respect, I like it overall. There needs to be more contrast and deeper colours though (black, not grey), it doesn’t feel quite right all washed out like that.

  6. All the grey coupled with the lack of facial features brings to mind Gort from ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’. He also holds somewhat of a resemblance to Iron Lantern from the Amalgam comics. Personally, I like it because it’s simple. I do have a few problems with this design, however. For instance, does he really need four lantern symbols? If the costume were more detailed or complex, I wouldn’t have any problem with it, but it does seem a little overkill here. Also, around his armpits, the border that separates the grey and green areas looks to be in the shape of a maple leaf, which makes me think “Alpha Flight.”

  7. I love the mask design. The rest is a little too Iron Man for my liking. Good starting point. Needs refinement tho.

  8. Personally, I like this a lot more than the official design for the new GL’s costume, which, to me, looks like some WildCats reject more than anything else. I think a little more green would be good, but overall I like this costume quite a bit. Good job to the artist.

  9. The faceless aspect doesn’t lend itself to to the character (any of them); unlike Spider-man or other fully hooded heroes, GLs tend to need the recognition of a face, being there are so many of them.

    However, it would work well for the Alpha Lantern uniform.

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