Fan-Art Friday: Batman!

Note: Who knew one character could be envisioned so differently? The artists really came out of the woodwork and delivered some of the most unique and diverse interpretations of the Dark Knight I’ve ever seen. From hastily drawn sketches to masterful illustrations and even some photo art, this Fan-Art Friday can claim to be the varied depictions of one character while all being instantaneously identifiable as Batman. Which one is your favorite? – Chris A.

Tom Harley

Javey Villones

Ramon Villalobos

Eduardo Torres

Ren Malone


Aaron Schultz

Rick Vo

Jorell Rivera

Torill Gaarder

Sarah Johnson

David Moreno

Mick Bouschor

Justin Leiter

Ali Ottey MItchell

Kevin Kearney

Adam Goudelock

Bryan Vieira

Phillip Dolan

Nate Getz

Ryan Davis

Daniel Flores

Hans Berger

Paulo Santana

Stephen Yan

Cecily Webster

Marcos Miller

Vincent Istria

Nathan Seabolt

Danny Dauphin

Edward Elric

Todd Loessy

Guillaume Babey

Mark Bello

Robert Curet

Antonio Monge

Evan Dahm

Moises Vermenton

Mr Tobert

Dan Wolff

Eric Darrah

Jake Giordano

Piotr Michalczyk

Angela Boyle

Aaron Koester

Ernszt Dubitzky

Alex Mitchell

Cary Polkovitz

Valmor Pedretti Jr.

Jason Reeves

Michael Magtanong

Thomas (no last name given)

32 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: Batman!”
  1. Whoops, I thought I’d included my surname in the email :)
    And my website is now. Sorry! Thanks for putting my pic up, feels great to be featured alongside all these great interpretations.

  2. David Moreno’s is really just Owlman. So, there’s that.

    I particularly loved Koester’s cowl designs, as well as Adam Goudelock’s samurai-mask inspired fanged Batman.

  3. Really wanted to do this, but completely forgot it was happening. Thanks a lot, time and memory! Anyway, some nice work. I wonder what our modern artist minds would have pitched back in the 30s when no one had a mental image of what “Batman” should look like. I was annoyed with Catwoman Fan Art Friday that commenters thought it had to be a “redesign,” so I’ll stop there and just say there’s some nice work happening in many of these submissions.

  4. Jorell Rivera, you rock.

    Ramon Villalobos, Rick Vo and about 3/4 of the entries: very creative ideas, great job. Took the character in some ways I would never of thought of (and obviously didn’t since I didn’t submit anything).

    Everyone who didn’t do a redesign: you guys still put out some great work. Sometimes it’s even harder to do something cool when you’re sticking with established designs, but you pulled it off.

  5. I’m glad my participation has been recevied. But my submission doesn’t survive the comparison to the others. Very good job to every one ! And thank you Project: Rooftop for giving me the chance.

  6. I enjoy the sequence of shots of the posed action figures. That was clever. (And it totally justifies any comic fan’s collection of toys. They’re not just toys…they’re props for a photo shoot!)

    Also partial to the Batman design by Piotr Michalczyk. I get a Noir feeling from it for some reason…

  7. Mine’s just a fan art so it’s nice to be featured alongside these really awesome entries. My favorites were Marcos Miller and Alex Mitchell’s. Good job!

  8. All of these are nicely done. I especially like the ones that stepped out of the stereotypical Batman cape-and-cowl and had some fun with it.
    The ones that stuck out to me are Vo’s armored Batman, kind of if Bruce Wayne had gone in a more Tony Stark direction. Also Goudelock’s fanged Batman and Monge’s very creative Batman Beyond redesign. And thank you Project: Rooftop, I didn’t expect for both of my submissions to be posted. Made my day.

  9. Wow, definitely some great depictions of the Dark Knight here. My favorites would have to be Ramon Villalobos’ Batman/Bane luchadors, Eduardo Torres’ redesign, because it manages to blend multiple interpretations of Batman into one simple version, Mick Bouschor’s love for Xena (even after a decade of being off the air), Ali Ottey MItchell and Thomas Fummo’s original, respective takes on the Dynamic Duo, Adam Goudelock’s incredibly awesome samurai cowl, and Phillip Dolan, Stephen Yan, and Guillaume Babey’s solid redesigns. Also, the artistic styles of Tom Harley, Alex Mitchell, and Mr Tobert blow my mind, and Piotr Michalczyk’s version of the bat symbol is awesome! My overall favorite, however, is Robert Curet’s, because that character looks like his story could be written as silly or as serious, and he could be drawn as cartoonish or realistic, as anyone could imagine, and he would always be incredibly entertaining. Great job everyone!

  10. Batmangelion! Surely everyone else is totally losing it over Rick Vo’s Batmangelion! Also, Marcos Miller has him killing zombies, and in such a stylish manner.

  11. Thanks so much Project Rooftop crew for including my photos alongside such amazing artwork. I have too many faves to narrow them down.

    Thanks Erin. It’s something I have been doing for a few years now. It combines my loves of comics, movies and toys. I feel these types of pictures help sell the toys more than the over saturated images we usually get from companies.

    You can see more on my DA page here:

    or for similar types of amazing work look for “Articulated Comic Book Art” on Facebook.

  12. A lot of great Batmen posted. Especially love Ramon Villalobos Luchadore Bats and Bane. Fun concept, great execution, and wonderful style!

    Also really enjoyed Alex Mitchell, Thomas Fummo, and Piotr Michalczyk designs.

  13. I’ve been out of town and just got back today. I love all the entries, there is some really cool stuff out there. I also wanted to say “thanks” for the kind words about my work, I’ll keep trying to get more out there. Again awesome job by everyone, we all love this stuff, and that’s why I come here.

  14. Oh man, these are AWESOME!!! Jsm is so badass, I’d love to see that turned into a full series. And Antonio Monge’s is so creative and strange; what must the Robin, and Joker, and Gordon of this world look like? Truly awesome ideas here. I never tire of Batman redesigns!

  15. I’m amazed that my work was featured considering it was my first time submitting to P:R, I would just like to thank P:R for that.

    On the other hand the amount of quality work that gets featured in not just redesigns but these ‘Fanart Fridays’ is tremendous, it really sets this site apart from other fanart blogs.

    Pretty darn humbled to be featured alongside some amazing submissions.

    Personal favourites are: Jorell Rivera, Mr Tobert and probably everyone’s favourite: Antonio Monge, which is a particularly nice redesign, something I’ve never seen before.

  16. Holey Smokes!
    I see that people have enjoyed my!

    I am glad my work has been so well recieved. I plan on being part of future calls for redesigned heros and or villians.

    Thanks to all who enjoy my slant on supers!

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