P:R Regular: Vanni LoRiggio

Note: Our contest aren’t solely about the first place winners; it’s about everyone who takes part, and artist Vanni LoRiggio has quietly become one of our most frequent and consistently high-ranking artists in P:R history. LoRiggio scored 2nd place in both Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward and Invincible: Viltrumite Vogue, and scored Honorable Mentions for his entries into Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0, Black Canary: Canary On The Catwalk and Captain America: Fighting Styles. Look over these entries and tell us if he hasn’t earned your respect; he has ours. – Chris A.


9 comments to “P:R Regular: Vanni LoRiggio”
  1. I like the Spidey, although it’s confusing as to where the stripe down the leg is coming from. Does it connect to the spider on the front, on the back, or both (do they combine at the side)?

    Really like this take on Thing. Looks like those gauntlets would grind over his elbows like tectonic plates.

    I don’t love Cap’s turtleneck, and I just don’t like any take on Cap that has him bare-headed. I’m just to set in my ways to enjoy that. Apart from that though I like the choice of “fabric” for Cap. Looks like he’s wearing a fabric that is suited to the kind of athleticism that marks his combat style.

  2. Wow…that Black Canary is amazing. It cleverly incorporates the classic fish net pattern without a hint of street walker! lol Seriously tho, DC should adopt this look asap. It’s a fantastic cross between a motorcross rider and an avant guard equestrian. Really amazing. Love the feather design.

  3. I like most of these okay, except that Black Canary, honestly that looks like a mess to me. It’s just so busy and has no flow to it at all and is just sorta weird… I can’t imagine that being in a comic, who would want to draw all that panel after panel?

  4. I don’t like his Invincible design, and the Canary one needs some pizazz, but I can’t deny his talent, and that Spider-Man is great!

  5. I LOVE the Cap. Anyone who disagrees is crazy… Ang ugly… And… And you weren’t hugged enough. Yeeeah.

    Joking aside, the Cap is actually Boss. The Invincible is so clean looking. The only thing keeping me from Spidey is how busy that mask is.

    Black Canary just seems too busy to me. I feel like she’s more mascot than crime fighter. The FF does nothing for me, sorry

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