P:R Approved: Sophie Campbell’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Note: Don’t get in the way of Sophie Campbell when she’s creating. After killing it in Glory and numerous fan-art postings, this friend of the site recently posted character designs for an ambitious fan-comic retelling of the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Secrets of the Ooze. Campbell’s providing her own spin and not limiting it to redesigns, but adding new characters, new style and a deeper story. Look for more in the coming months! – Chris A.

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  1. Finally, someone who understands that mutant turtles living in a sewer aren’t going to have weapons professionals make (that sounds so ludicrous when I actually type it out). The new turtle is a big step up from the girl from the 90’s live action series.

    Not sure how I feel about April and Casey’s look, but I’ll let it slide as the villain side is inspired. I can imagine this Shredder as being so desperate for his body that he ingests a huge amount of mutagen to get back at these turtles. Aces all around

  2. Love the look and design of everyone except April, Casey, and Kino. The 80’s look is just ugh! But otherwise good stuff all around. I think the face decorations are a nice touch but are to even and symetrical for natural coloring. Now face paint I can see.

  3. Said it before and I’ll say it again: Ross Campbell is my fave TMNT artist of all time. I like his versions of the characters and his renditions of the Traditional Turtles. He’s got some inspired stuff and he captures what made me love the turtles as a kid while adding his own logical extension of their previous characterization. If IDW gave this guy his own series, I’d be reading a TMNT comic again.

  4. I like this a lot.
    I only have two gripes/concerns:
    One, I kind of prefer the old school ninja masks, they’re “iconic” and can also help to give a sense of motion when they’re trailing behind the turtles during acrobatics.
    Two, I’m curious as the where the new turtle would fit into the team dynamic since the core four have a very well defined and archetypal set of roles. Michelangelo is the funny one, Raphael is the rebel/loner, Leonardo is the upright leader, and Donatello is the smart one. Between the four of them they’ve pretty much got all the character bases covered. Mostly I just want to avoid another Venus de Milo-style travesty.
    I love everything else though, it really captures the idea of these characters being involved in this weird sewer-bound underworld in a way that’s unique, cool, and just makes sense.

  5. I LOVE these. And the very idea of retelling a…”classic” story as a fan comic is brilliant. If I had the time I’d pull that shit on Green Lantern’s War of Light.

  6. SilverHammerMan, according to his website:

    “She’s the shy worrywart Turtle and her weapon is the bow-and-arrow (i always felt like each Turtle’s weapon was a metaphor for their personality, so Artie’s had to be the same! she’s too trepidatious to get close to anyone, so she only strikes from afar!)”

  7. I simply LOVE these turtles! I adore the face paint! And I also hate Venus de milo from the live action series, so I welcome this fresh new lady turtle!

  8. “…the biggest thing i’m adding is a 5th Turtle, Artemisia (Artie for short), named after Artemisia Gentileschi.”

    now THAT is how you name a female turtle.

  9. Ross Campbell, aside from being one of my favorite comic artists ever, is EASILY my favorite Ninja Turtles artist. IDW’s TMNT ongoing is good stuff, and Campbell has done some art for it already, but if they’re smart, they will take this project of his and publish it as some sort of alternate universe tale–Tales of the TMNT, perhaps.

  10. “I do wish April wasn’t white, though.”

    Isn’t her last name Irish or something? It would be weird if she wasn’t white.

  11. “I do wish April wasn’t white, though.”

    ” Isn’t her last name Irish or something? It would be weird if she wasn’t white.”

    Yes O’Neal, because Shaquille O’Neal is as white as they come. *-_-

    Looking back at the original comic series April is on the cover of #11 and I believe that is a Jheri cur she’s sporting. Just sayin.

    But enough of that. Awesome job on the Turtles! You have done them justice. I’m very excited to see what comes of this.

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