P:R Approved: Alejandro Bruzzese’s Red Raven!

Note: Long before Spider-Man, the X-Men or even Captain America, Marvel had an older generation of hero — Namor, the Human Torch and Red Raven. But unlike his Golden Age counterparts, Red Raven was lost to the sands of time but artist Alejandro Bruzzese has brought him back in a great modern design posted over at The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe – Reduxe Edition. Bruzzese excellently modernized this Joe Simon and Louis Cazeneuve concept while staying true to the character’s roots. Hey Marvel, are you paying attention? – Chris A.

4 comments to “P:R Approved: Alejandro Bruzzese’s Red Raven!”
  1. Why is he barefoot? That’s the only quibble I have. The outfit is nice, but not exiting. Some will complain about the belt line pointing to the crotch, but I’ve never had a problem with dynamic v’s in character design

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