P:R Approved: Luc Latulippe’s Firestar!

Note: Marvel’s Firestar never looked so good, and that’s thanks to Luc Latulippe. Done for the excellent blog The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe – Redux Edition, this piece is surprisingly simple, so much so I’m sure other artists are jealous they didn’t think of it first. Simply by studying the original design and carrying it out to its full potential, Latulippe has made Ms. Jones a real fireplug. – Chris A.

7 comments to “P:R Approved: Luc Latulippe’s Firestar!”
  1. My one critique is that Firestar’s powers aren’t flame-based. They’re microwave based. She doesn’t show flames like the Human Torch does. If anything, she has that heat aura (it’s invisible, but it distorts whatever is seen through it).
    Other than that, the pic is great. :-)

  2. I like the design, like Chris said it is “surprisingly simple”, her white face really sells the whole look – only isn’t Firestar’s power (despite her name) microwave energy based and not really fire/flames? I’m not an expert in such things but I always liked when she appeared to ‘radiate heat’ rather than when she was depicted as ‘on fire’ – it set her apart from other fire based heroes.

    Still a cool look and fun piece!

  3. I really like it as a piece of art – it reminds me of pre-pro Pixar art for The Incredibles. Feels like less of a redesign than just an interpretation of powers in action, as her suit seems to be pretty standard in color and style – it’s just been given the Human Torch treatment.

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