P:R Approved: Joel Priddy’s Beetle!

Note: Amidst all the classic heroes and villains created in the 1960s at Marvel, there are some that are half-baked design-wise, preventing them from reaching their full potential. And Joel Priddy is rescueing one of those by revitalizing the Marvel villain the Beetle, turning him from a simple man in an armored suit to an actual Beetle. Created for The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe – Reduxe Edition, this design really turns up the creepiness and the threat level without making it look comedic. – Chris A.

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  1. Well…I think he might look a little bit comical. Love the design, though. I always appreciate when the artists update both the large and small panels in their OHOTMU redesigns.

    Speaking of which, you guys are really leaning on OHOTMU lately.

  2. Oh God, this is every one of my nightmares brought to life. I will never sleep again after seeing this.

    Good use of color

  3. There’s something that bugs me (ultra pun)…

    A pair of smaller limbs waist high would have made the look both more heroic (with belt) and more insect. Also, one pair of wings only , the other being the shell…

  4. As a lover of insects, I’ll admit this looks kind of cute to me, rather than creepy. I like the use of colour too, and overall it’s a nice re-imagining.

    *whisper* I hope my Green Lama makes an appearance at some point, please of pretty please. I guess you can edit this part out if you must, but please. *whisper*

  5. An interesting take and a nice piece – but not really the same character. The classic Beetle armor (phase 2) design was/is pretty much perfect. Too bad it was junked up throughout the years.

    Joel Priddy’s Beetle is cool and could be the first in a string of insect heroes … as DC has apes and Marvel has zombies. Up next – Wasp, Ant-man, Spider-man, Yellow Jacket …um, Mantis … that’s all I got

  6. Jim: Yes, we’re friends with OHOTMU and they’re doing great things. Plus we’re trying to do posts five days a week, and good P:R submissions alone wouldn’t be enough.

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