9 comments on “P:R Redesign: Denis Medri’s Loki!
  1. There is nothing here I don’t like. The scale armor is really good. The use of the ponytail tassel on the helmet gives it much needed flow. The gauntlets, chest and shoulder armor are really nice, but what makes it for me is that coat. The fur collar and draping scream Loki in a way I can’t explain very well. It’s just beautiful

  2. That’s a legitimately terrifying rendition of Loki.

    While I personally prefer the scheming milksop version of the character, I could see this design come into employ if Loki were able to get some kind of massive power upgrade.

    This is the “Final Boss” version of Loki.

  3. That is perfect!!! That’s what a current reboot of the character should be like. menacing, and just plain bad ass. This looks like a Loki that can go toe to toe with Thor magic wise. I love the classic touches like the co,or scheme and horns on helmet but with actual Norse flair. Bring it!!

  4. This design completely goes against Loki’s character. He’s a schemer, a manipulator and a trickster. He gets what he wants, not by force, but by deceiving some else into thinking that what Loki wants is what they want aswell. This is too Warrior King, too much like a warlord from a Conan story, too Sauron for it to fit Loki’s personality as someone who sneaks around in shadow and whispers in people’s ears.

  5. I think I agree with Amora. Loki’s armor is half-truths and outright lies. I mean it’s a great look, but I’m not sure it fits the character of Loki.

    That said, if you lose the helmet and gave him some rings this would be a fantastic Mandarin design.

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