Call For Submissions for Fan-Art Friday: Miss America!

Note: America the beautiful, indeed! Marvel is hosting the second (or would it be third?) coming of the Miss America character in the all-new Young Avengers title, and in honor of this great character (and the excellent Jamie McKelvie redesign), P:R is hosting a Fan-Art Friday for Ms. Chavez. The Miss America concept was originally created back in 1943’s Marvel Mystery Comics #49 by Otto Binder and Al Gabriele, but this modern incarnation, real name America Chavez, first debuted in Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta’s Vengeance miniseries from 2011. To get this Fan-Art Friday started right, take a look at this pin-up by Bryan Lee O’Malley. Artists of all stripes are encouraged to draw their rendition of Miss America; the deadline for submissions is Friday, November 30 at 1pm Eastern time. Email them to us at with your full name and a link to your website/portfolio. – Chris A.

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