P:R Approved: Keith Byrne’s Ant-Man!

Note: Although we don’t know much about Keith Byrne, this Ant-Man redesign found on Tumblr is something extra special. It plays up the science hero aspect of the diminutive hero while also bringing in a hint of the multiple eyes that some insects have. What a beaut! – Chris A.

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  1. I really dig this. Conceptually I can tell how it all fits together. The color palette is nice. The backpack is a nice touch. That helmet is interesting. Yet, it’s that jacket that won me over!

    I have a confession to make fellow rooftoppers; I love ’90s jackets. It’s my deepest shame. Yet, whenever I see a design that incorporates the jacket into a well thought out superhero design, I feel so happy.

  2. I would think that having six glowing bulbs on his helmet is more than “a hint” of multiple eyes.

    I just don’t like the helmet at all. It’s overly menacing for a heroic character, and certainly doesn’t compare favorably against the classic helmet, which is awesome. What is going on with the jacket (?). Are the sleeves part of the jetpack (?) harness? Or is it a half cape that has been pushed to one side? It’s just hard to get a good sense of what’s going on with this one. I do like the belt and codpiece combo, as it suggests an insect’s head. I think I would prefer it if there were six “eyes” on the buckle, though.

  3. Because Ant-man always had this Kamen rider style of helmet with suit thing, it works pretty well, not sure about that thing in it’s back unless it’s a ”shrinking chamber” with it’s own ant colonies he can call upon.

  4. How are there no comments on this yet? This is a truly inspired design, and I would buy a book that featured this Ant-Man in a heartbeat.

  5. This one really does the character justice. A step up from the “Iredeemable Ant Man” design. I always felt the mainstream helmet was too bulky and corny looking. This is a great compromise. Ant yet has a very distinctive scientist look. Wonderful work my friend

  6. Loving this design- especially the colour scheme and that HEADPIECE is perfect. Like Chris said, it brings in the science-hero aspect of the character and just appears more iconic. I’m just not sure about the necessity of the frontal plating, especially at the crotch. It throws off the balance of the rest to me. But a great job!

  7. Yep. Pretty awesome. Particularly like the ionic jet pack. Much better way for him to travel than on the prickly back of a disgusting ant.

  8. I love everything about this. If they gave Hank Pym a book with this costume I would be all over it like a fat kid on cake.

  9. Interesting take… although the ant only has two eyes. Each eye is made of many smaller eyes and this is called a compound eye. The helmet looks more like a six-eyed spider.

  10. Most ants, like wasps, have two compound eyes and 3 ocelli (3 smaller eyes in triangular position on the forehead). I don’t think any scientist that fascinated by ants would find them disgusting.

  11. Oh my god, it’s beautiful!

    I love the “Mass effect” style armor on the chest, the crackling lightning, the side “mandibles”

    Someone *mail this to Simon Pegg* now before movie production begins on Ant-Man. This is awesome.

    My favourite Ant-Man design of all time, and this is from the rare breed known as the Ant-Man superfan. He looks smart and dangerous.

  12. Another note: Because of his size, maybe Ant-Man should have a backpack jetpack to get around, but it can only work when he weighs less.

    Either that, or the backpack is the “Pym particle” reserve…it’s a comic book and it looks “science-y,” so I love it.

  13. Hey Guys Keith here,
    Was delighted to find my pic here while scrolling down throught the site, Ive been a fan of the site for many months now and Im really greatful for all the kind words and thougths people had for the design.

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