Redesign Rewind: Age Of Apocalypse Sunfire!

Note: The mid-90s crossover epic Age of Apocalypse was a unique highpoint in a rough couple of years for Marvel heroes, and amongst those redesigns was one for the classic X-Man Sunfire. Teased months before, this design (reportedly by Chris Bachalo) showed the hero burning up his original outfit in favor of a whit-hot, grungy rendition of the Human Torch. This illustration, by Salvador Larroca, really shows off the unique nature of the costume and the fun it could be for artists to illustrate him. – Chris A.

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  1. I think Sunfire’s AoA redesign is widely regarded as one of the best ever. Not too bad considering his original costume is already pretty nice.

    I don’t really care for this drawing, though. It’s a boring old trope in one-off comix art pieces: “my current subject is so cool that he killed everyone else who is slightly less cool.” It would also be nice if you could see the mask.

  2. It was my favorite costume of Age of Apocalypse,I totally love both the costume and the character!!
    I have to say I would had redesigned a bit the neck,because while in earth 616 he’s not a Magneto’s X-Men he shouldn’t wear the same circle around the neck

  3. He made Colossus fondue! Vader “NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (Getting crackers.)

    I’m not usually a fan of ’90s superhero comics, or of Bachalo in general. That is a neat design, though.

  4. I’m a big fan of most of the AOA redesigns. And while it wasn’t much of a redesign my favourite was always Sabretooth.

  5. Though I love it, I never really understood this “costume”. I get that he can set himself alight in the AOA like Johnny Storm but what exactly are those black floating pieces? Are they parts of the costume he doesn’t ignite, do they float above his fiery skin and if that’s the case how the hell does that work?

    Irrespective of the logistics of this outfit, I still think it’s a brilliant design (along with the vast majority of AOA costumes which debuted in 1995).

  6. @Diaspora – The original concept for the design, which was conceived of by Joe Mad, was that Magneto’s form of training in the AoA was push push push. Shiro pushed his body so far that it burst into flame and burned away, leaving nothing but his consciousness and flame. The black floating pieces are essentially armor to keep him in a human-shape.

    Obviously, the idea evolved and Shiro kept his body – as he was shown without flames in Astonishing X-Men 2 – but the original idea is so neat. AoA had some of the best redesigns of the X-verse, handsdown.

  7. I agree it is disappointing when artists don’t realize that the gorget around his neck only makes sense in the context of AoA and not as a horseman. Though it would be a neat touch to bring that to Magneto-inspired 616 groups like the Brotherhood or the Acolytes.

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