Call For Submissions for Fan-Art Friday: Glory!

Note: Any character can be a great character, if the right creators involved. When it was announced that writer Joe Keatinge and artist Sophie Campbell were reviving Rob Liefeld’s 90s heroine Glory for a new series, fans far-and-wide (me, included) gave it a skeptical look. But boy was I wrong. Keatinge really came into his own with this series, but I think Campbell’s contributions can’t be underplayed — especially in the character designs, chiefly Glory. So for our next Fan-Art Friday we want to celebrate Glory, the one-time Wonder Woman clone who grew — proverbially and physically — into a wholly unique and terrifying character. Artists of all stripes are encouraged to draw their rendition of Glory; the deadline for submissions is Friday, January 4th at 5pm Eastern time. Email them to us at with your full name and a link to your website/portfolio. To get your motor running, look at this excellent piece of Glory fan-art by Shrine Dust. – Chris A.

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  1. Shiner: As stated in the post, we (the P:R staff) like the character designs, especially the redesign of Glory. We’ve featured Glory and Ross Campbell’s work in the past on the site.

  2. Deadpool came from Liefeld. In the end, that’s just more proof that other people know how to use Liefeld’s property better than Liefeld.

  3. Shiner: we didn’t “choose” Glory out of a line-up or anything like that, per se. Joe had the opportunity to pitch for it, and i was then offered the job. the rest is history!

  4. I figure, the more we get big name female heroes to work with, the better. I mean, the past few years have been all about resurrecting old characters and franchises and helping them reach their potential. Bringing back a Liefeld character and making her more than a shallow T&A Wonder Woman clone is awesome. Plus, We’ve entered an era where the artists and writers were growing and coming up during the 90’s. They have a sense of nostalgia for things from that era. As long as we don’t default to big guns, big muscles and big boobs we should be good

  5. I’ve only read the first Glory trade so far, but I read it three times in a two day period when I got it. I have never enjoyed the character, or Wonder Woman for that matter, but Glory may have been the best book I’ve read in 2012. So excited for this

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