16 comments to “P:R Approved: Daniel Krall’s Joker and Harley Quinn!”
  1. I like Harley’s outfit. The short shorts (miniskirt?) and thigh high stockings sexualize the character without being as trashy as the recent Arkham Asylum games or the New 52 design. (I’m sorry, but I find those designs incredibly trashy)
    Her pose does look a little uncomfortable – and I’m worried about Mr J’s left leg: if his knee is behind her right leg… how is the foot in front of her left leg?

  2. I really like the style of this drawing, and that Harley is fantastic. Not so sure about all the knives… I miss the days before Nolan, when the Joker was fun and made jokes and had spring-loded boxing gloves and exploding jack-in-the-boxes. I hope that flower on his lapel sprays acid :) Either way, a great piece. Nice work, Daniel!

  3. I really agree with LeGs here. I love Harley’s strange cat eyes, small mouth, and drooping jingle hat horns. And the multicolored diamond stockings are fantastic. It’s a departure from her colour scheme but it adds a lot. Like LeGs said, it heightens her sexiness but also keeps a sense of edginess and menace in a much better way than the Arkham Asylum or New 52 redesigns. I like this Joker but I find it just a little too reminiscent of Ledger’s Joker. The floppy hair and the suit with the knives. I really like the Crow-like smile, though. Really nice work.

  4. Loving it! Harley is great, but I wish the stockings pattern was also represented elsewhere on her outfit — maybe the collar area. Looking at the Joker, I keep imagining a young Tim Curry in this costume!

  5. the only fault i have with ledger’s joker was the introduction of the longer greasy hair. prior to that the joker always had a fine coiffed mane. i miss those old dapper hairstyles.

    beyond that i fine rendition. love harley’s stockings.

  6. It’s a nice compromise between Nolan Joker and the others, and it really plays to their disturbing romance. The art style is kind of New Yorker Cover meets comic book. I could see a story being sold by this cover

  7. + Love that joker, elegant stylish and colored (such nice hues) , that smile …

    -I really would love too see Harley in white, gray, black shades of stockings and since Cat-woman shares the same Gotham universe, I would replace the eyes either with tiny dots or wide pupils , both suggesting heavy drug use

  8. I dunno Thomas. Face melting acid flowers aren’t exactly a trip to Disney. But I get what you mean. The joker is moving past the gimmicky weapons to something more scary.

  9. I like that this pays tribute to Ledger’s Joker. The thickness of his neck gives him a physically formidable look which I’d never considered before TDK. He looks sophisticated and sinister. Harley is also well done. A perfectly cute and mischievous sidekick.

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