P:R Approved: Darren Ward’s Zodiac!

Note: Oh my. Oh my oh my. Ed Brubaker and I aren’t the only ones with a fascination for the Marvel B-list villain team Zodiac, as artist Darren Ward just blew the doors off the website Official Handbook Of the Marvel Universe Reduxe Edition with his rendition of the astrological adversaries. Ward pared each member down to the essentials without making them seem simplistic. Yes they’re done in a unique style, but I could easily see other able-bodied artist adapt it without losing the magic. Here’s Aquarius and Aries, but go over to the OHOTMURE website to see the rest of the team! – Chris A.

4 comments to “P:R Approved: Darren Ward’s Zodiac!”
  1. I might have made Aries’ horns curlier, just to make him less Taurus-y, but on the whole these are great. Except that “Age of Aquarius” is now playing in my head.

  2. I really feel like, with the Spaghetti Western Batman and this, we need more comics in a flatter style like this. This is just simple and gorgeous and fun. These guys look like so much awesome that I want to see them in action

  3. I can’t say if these are good redesigns or not because I can’t really get an idea of what they would really look like on the page (or screen). But they are interesting.

    IMO, for the sake of a “costume redesign” the figure should be fairly proportionate to an actual human (if the character appears human anyway) and the colors should be well defined.

    If someone wants to present something very stylized it usually works best in stylized context…the show “Drawn Together” is an exception though!

    Flame away, artists

  4. flame no, but I will respectfully disagree on the grounds that these designs are fairly easy to transition based on their relative simplicity. There’s enough detail that it can transition, without having so much that it wont work in another person’s art style

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