Call For Submissions for Fan-Art Friday: Thor!

Note: I once told Dean that I didn’t think anyone could top Olivier Coipel’s rendition of Thor, but the recent Thor: God Of Thunder series proved me wrong. Esad Ribic has turned in one of the most majestic and weathered Odinson’s in the character’s history, and that’s exactly why P:R started Fan-Art Friday. For Fan-Art Friday: Thor, the deadline for submissions is Monday, February 11th at 5pm Eastern time. Email them to us at with your full name and a link to your website/portfolio. Now bask in this excellent illustration of Thor from three different times in his life by Ribic. – Chris A.


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  1. I love how Old! Thor has essentially become his own father. Maybe its because of my own positive relationship with my father, but I love when this happens in fiction. and its a great look for the character too. Can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the table.

  2. let me be the first to say, I go for it. Or better lest go.

    I want to offer an idea for the next fan friday. a Peter David special.( when I was a kid I remenber that I always liked to see mr.John Byrne in the comics, so I think it would be nice a Peter David extraordinary¡¡¡¡¡¡¡. (buy his novels and comics)

    one last thing : Tom kelly’s glory is reported this week in . as it deserved.

    see you soon

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