P:R Redesign: Kerwin Siméus’ Green Goblin!

Note: I always wondered why Norman Osborn, with all the technology at his fingertips with Oscorp, that he only brought that to bear in his weapons and his Goblin Glider. Artist Kerwin Siméus explores just that, giving Osborn a high-tech mask as well as gloves — and even a place to store his glider. – Chris A.

Here’s what Siméus said about the design:
With this design I wanted to give Norman something sleek and workable should he want to operate without the glider or bag o’ tricks he carries around. He’s friggin’ rich, why not have a suit of armor? He can still fly via a hover/booster contraption on his back, and his fingertips can shoot lasers or spawn beam claws for close combat. And he doesn’t have to take off the suit to potty, either. Perks.
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  1. This has the same problem as the suit from the movie.
    The Goblin shouldn’t have a solid face mask. It prevents the insanity of the character from being expressed.

  2. This is certainly a very well drawn and interesting interpretation… but I can’t say I’m a fan of it.
    I realise that suits of techno-armour are not the sole property of Tony Stark, but this really does remind me too much of Iron Man. I agree that, Norman Osborne being super-rich, this kind of suit would be perfectly within his grasp. However, I always thought that Norman dressed up in such a gothic, kooky, medieval way because he was insane. He never seemed so much preoccupied with mobility and efficiency, as he was with scaring the shit out of you. The clever gadgetry was still there, but hidden away. This kind of sleek, high-tech, pragmatic approach seems too… SANE to be Norman’s doing. It befits a methodical, logical person like Tony, not a theatrical, sadistic schemer like Osborne.
    I could see this worn by a future Goblin, like a 2099 or elseworlds character.

  3. Might as well just call him “Goblin Beetle,” because that is what he looks like, an amalgamation of the two.

  4. I really like that mask exploration, and agree on the suit of armor idea, especially since Norman’s had a taste with the Iron Patriot suit. But the rest of the armor from the neck down seems a little phoned-in to me, and I don’t like losing the glider, as it’s such an iconic piece of design.

  5. I always liked Norman’s classic costume. The fact that it was so hoaky added another layer to his insanity. There’s no way it could transfer to the big screen realistically (though I’m not sure what we saw in the first SM movie was a great alternative) but it has charm in the comics. I think that’s the problem with this and most other armored designs; there’s nothing charming about it. The main problem I have with it is the coloring. He is the Green Goblin afterall.

  6. I have the same problem with this re-design I do with the original Green Goblin suit- it’s much more purple than green. I may be alone, but I actually liked the armored suit from the first Spider-Man movie, because it solved one of my biggest pet peeves in comics. Still, it’s a nice design and a cool drawing- plus Norman Osbourne wearing a set of powered armor would be a logical evolution after his time as Iron Patriot.


  7. More of a Black Goblin, huh?
    I’d like to see the colour scheme revised on this one, but other than that very neat!

  8. I like it!!

    I think the armor is very appropiated after Norman’s role as Iron Patriot.
    It looks like Normie has stealed some Stark’s data when he was director of H.A.M.M.E.R. and has built his own armor.
    The armor is perfect,and I love the face and the eyes,if I have to make a critic I would leave the black parts and keep the original green\purple combination and i would keep the bat rocket on his feets

  9. I do agree that it’s a good step Norman would take after Iron Patriot, but I don’t like it. There is a bit of charm missing from the original suit.

  10. Great execution, but I wouldn’t automatically think this was the GREEN Goblin. I also have to agree that the armor takes away from the expression of GG. At least in the movie version, the Goblin’s mask came with a manical look on it.

  11. This is cool, but not for Green Goblin. It was always cool that his suit was super high tech but looked like something from a fairy tale … that’s next level high tech. Maybe if he had his own version of “Doom-bots” something like this could work in that context.

    Off topic, I’d like GG to get his own side kick, someone akin to Harley Quinn … a sexy psycho in love with this nut job, all serial killers have groupies! Call her Pumpkin Bomb or something.

    Anyway – nice art and a cool idea with the light saber claws.

  12. I don’t get why so much of the design is hidden in shadow. I like it well enough from what I can see, but agree with Thomas in that I would prefer the Goblin to look more maniacal.

  13. I hate this design really. Well I hate the helmet. If he was going for more Iron Man style I could design a way better helmet. It actually would be really to try to combine the two a helmet and the mask. While in battle the helmet covers his face but when not it removes to his goblin face. Though this is giving me ideas. Midest well scribble something down now lol.

  14. afraid this one doesn’t really work for me.it kind of misses out the whole “norman is madn as a bag of siders” vibe that i associate with the character and it’s not…green enough.though the drawing itself is really good.hate being negative about people who put the time and are brave enough to submit work.sorry.

  15. I love the face. I agree with Timothy that part of what makes GG great is seeing his insane expressions and the mask takes away from that, but I think you nailed it. And to counter Tim’s point, btw, one may think the suit wasn’t great in Spider-Man, but I’m not sure it’s as easy to say Willem Dafoe didn’t pull off crazy, despite the mask, and I’d say it even lent itself to the insanity at times. Anyway, the great part is the eye- the hollowness of it with the single yellow light for an eye.. fantastic. It says spooky and evil. everything else on the face is great (the hockey mask smile that cuts up to the ear, the hat-forehead, the ear is particularly good) and plays very well off the core, which is they eye, to me. It could maybe be touched up to go a little darker, but maybe not.

    Also, the concept I like a lot. It makes sense. AND, my only problem with it is that maybe it makes GG TOO powerful for spidey (laser claws???), but that’s probably GOOD. I think GG works best as a LEGIT threat to Spiderman. As in, Peter can only pull off the win with a stroke of luck or wit at the last minute.

    So then, my only negative is, like Danny said, the rest of the suit (though I’m not sure I agree with phoned-in- it’s very good) just seems to lack an edge and a focus on GOBLIN. I like making black part of the costume, though. That’s great.

  16. I like the design! Very sleek and fitting for a post-Iron Patriot Green Goblin. But I do agree with some of the points about the costume reflecting the fact that Osborn is an insane maniac. I’d like to see a Hobgoblin recoloring!

  17. I like the concept of Norman weaponizing his suit further, it goes with his new place in marvel.
    But turning the goblin into another armored type is a faux pas, it makes him closer to the beetle and his niche (finger zapping and color scheme are already similar)
    I think i would like some venues where the character can challenge the avengers without compromising the characters unique traits.

  18. Sorry Siméus, you’re a good artist but you aren’t beating Steve Ditko at his game. Green Goblin looks absolutely deranged, like a homicidal Bugs Bunny, and that’s what makes him such a twisted reflection of Spider-Man. The glider and the bag of tricks are trademarks. Sure, they are impractical, but these are the elements that have made Norman the best Spider-Man villain. It makes sense for every hero and villain to wear an Iron Man armor, but in the end… that’s boring. And comics should never be boring. Also, not enough green.

  19. Osborn is the rich, “Why not make a battle-suit?” one, the Green Goblin is the insane part of him he can’t control, a hard, one-expression mask is not the goblin’s thing it’s Osborn’s. Plus, he looks like a covenant elite.

  20. This was the same problem that Sam Raimi had with the original Goblin design, and it has a very simple answer: the Green Goblin was created as a mystery character. He never showed his face in his initial appearances. Thus his rag-tag appearance is meant to be a clever bit of misdirection, and one that makes sense – if you’re going public with your secret identity, like Tony Stark, you’ll want to pull off all the stops and show how rich you are.

    If you’re trying not to let people find out you’re a crazed super-terrorist and want to hold onto your corporate empire, like Norman Osborn, then you’re going to get creative; you’re going to emulate a creature of whimsical magic and magical whimsy, using your technology to fabricate sparks and flying broomsticks. This was the major flaw of the first “Spider-Man” movie to me – why did none of the people seen working on Osborn’s glider and flight suit watch news of the GG’s attack and alert authorities? Surely the guy we see testing out the suit should have said something along the lines of “Holy crap, I tested that thing! Someone robbed OsCorp!”.

  21. I like it. It’s still Power Rang-y, but it’s way more classic and goblinesque than the movie version

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