P:R Redesign: Dean Trippe’s Night Nurse!

Note: Ah Night Nurse. Originally created as part of a female-oriented line of superhero comics at Marvel in the early 1970s, she’s never quite gotten her due… but this redesign by Dean Trippe is the kind of thing that could change that. Tripple’s taken the garments of a typical nurse and merged them with iconic superhero attire; from the red medical cross clasp to the unique sword, this is the kind of thing comics should have more of. – Chris A.

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  1. I love the simple design and color scheme. It works perfectly. I’m a bit puzzled about the sword and its purpose. Hope Dean will offer some back story on that. Overall, a fantastic redesign of a forgotten Marvel character.

  2. I thought she was well-done in The Oath without a uniform. This is a nice costume, but I don’t know that she’s the right home for it. Pretty, though.

  3. As the husband of an actual night nurse, I can tell you there have been more nights than I can count where she would have been hard pressed NOT to use that sword.

  4. As you say, Chris – a nice fusion of traditional Nurse & Superhero garb. I particularly like the use of the Red Cross as a clasp, and the repetition of that whole pattern at her waist with the more subtle colour scheme there.

  5. I hate to nitpick, but it seems like this costume was mistakenly designed around the caduceus, Herme’s staff in Greek mythology, rather than the Rod of Asclepius. The two are very similar and often confused, so it’s an honest mistake. To clarify, the RoA only has one snake, no wings, and is the universal symbol of healthcare/medicine. Ironically, the caduceus is traditionally a symbol for death. However, the caduceus is a common symbol of the U.S. Army Medical Corps, so perhaps it was an intentional decision on Mr. Trippe’s part. It certainly implies an interesting new backstory for this character, or maybe someone else taking up the mantle, which would account for the drastic change in appearance. Putting that aside, the only detail I don’t care for is the mask (goggles?). It’s not terrible by any means, I’m just curious to know how Dean settled on that particular covering for her eyes. The rest is fantastic. I love the red cross clasp and wing pattern on her cloak, along with the repeated outline at her waist. The sword is cool too; I don’t care why she has it. A classic superhero look. Fantastic job, Dean!

  6. One thing confuses me about this costume. It’s white, and the design around her waist is also white. How would we be able to see white on white? It’s showing up right now as white against a light blue, but that light blue is shading, not the actual color of the costume, so it doesn’t make sense. Or maybe I’m not understanding it right. Just an observation. More importantly though this is an awesome design, makes me want to see her in comics.

  7. In all seriousness and jokes aside… it feels a little bland to me. And whatever the reason for it, I still think it’s a little weird to have a character called Night Nurse wielding a sword, however hard the profession is. I guess if it were a Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. style affectionate parody it could work nicely. I’d never heard of the character before now and looked her up: the idea behind her was pretty interesting and I think the transition to more superhero-y outfitting could have been a little more subtle and less of a stark departure from her uniform. As she is here, she just makes me think of a Cloak/Dagger amalgam.

  8. @Ren, The caduceus is actually used as the symbol of Registered Nurses vs the Rod of Asclepius so, considering her moniker, it’s actually appropriately applied.

    In regards to the costume, I think it’s a little over the top without having much substance. It’s kind of a bore. As someone in the nursing profession, I’d love to see a super heroic nurse with some substance. Especially a male character. It seems like they always go straight for doctor.

  9. I’ve got just the thing for your ailment: An injection of justice! … With my, umm, syringe sword? And then I’ll apply a tourniquet of compassion before I drag you to jail.

  10. Yeah, I’m with Thomas on this one! It is kinda boring, I’ve seen this look done to death! I like the presentation, but the costume is not grabbing me. The only element that stands out, is on the cape!

  11. I prefer her and Doctor Strange as a combo (not couple, combo) using their superheroing and medical history to handle mysterious medical cases and mysterious phenomena.

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