P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s Supergirl!

Note: Kris Anka‘s grown by leaps and bounds from being a P:R regular to a in-demand artist for all the major American publishers, but here’s an offhand design Anka did for fun that a certain publisher should stand up and take notice. Taking a drastic step away from the more militaristic approach from last week’s Supergirl post, Anka took on the teenage fun of the character and also turned the cape into a more stylish looking addition to the wardrobe. – Chris A.

9 comments to “P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s Supergirl!”
  1. Plus a character actually smiling makes all the difference in the world. I also don’t see the red crotch piece. It could be a more traditional one piece with the new style cape

  2. This doesn’t work for me. I actually kind of prefer the cut of her cape in the original New 52 design- it complimented the shape of her S-Shield (Example: http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/7/78618/2461782-supergirl_vol._6_1.jpg). This just seems to cover up the S-Shield. I can’t really speak to the rest of this design because you can’t see it, though the upper body is pretty much exactly the same as the current design, down to the seams on it. It is definitely a very nicely drawn, fun image though! If nothing else it got the feel of Supergirl down.

  3. I like the cape. I can’t really tell whats going on under the belt but i would prefer is supergirl had pants.

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