P:R Approved: Ed McGuinness’ Doctor Octopus!

Note: Following up from our post last month, we continue our Ed McGuinness love by showing off his impressive and threatening redesign of Doctor Octopus for Disney’s Ultimate Spider-Man animated show. Doc Oc has been threatening enough over in the comic books, but McGuinness’  design for the show takes that and ups the creepy quotient to 11. It might not work in the existing comic continuity, but as a alternate universe design from scratch this really works. A special kudos goes out to the way the octopus arms work to walk Otto around. – Chris A.

10 comments to “P:R Approved: Ed McGuinness’ Doctor Octopus!”
  1. I liked the Ultimate version of Doc Ock for the show. I think him not having any use of his arms adds to the character. They did a great job with him

  2. It’s a very unique take of the character.I’d love to see Spider-man’s look in this style.Kinda more emphasis on the animal less on the man!

  3. I like it a lot, would be a great way to rework him for the comics. Much better than the dumpy guy with the Moe Howard haircut that’s been around for 50 years.

  4. The eyes! The eyes man. They’re freaking me out. This guy just needs four more limbs to be a freaky octopus man

  5. The concept is strong, I like almost everything going on here. Just needs a little re-working so that the body armor doesn’t look like a turtle shell.

  6. Very interesting design, I like how you expanded on the cyborg aspect of the character. However the shell does look a bit like a turtle, and the tentacles look really phallic. The fact you make them spray ink-like sludge does not help.

  7. I’ve never been of the opinion that the bad guys do have to be ugly. Why did they make him so obese? He reminds me more of the Ultimate Mole Man. This just isn’t a sovereign person like Doc Ock is supposed to be.
    This is like the nerdy couch-potato version, and I just don’t see that when I think back to his first encounter with Spider-Man, where he slapped him in the face and tossed him away like a broken toy.
    This one doesn’t have that in him.

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