Update on “Shadowman: In A New Light” Results!

Note: I just wanted to give everyone an update on the contest results. Judging the results and then tabulating the winners takes time, and we are aiming to announce the winners next week. I want to personally thank everyone for their patience, and thank the artists who submitted such great designs that made the judging so difficult. – Chris A.

4 comments to “Update on “Shadowman: In A New Light” Results!”
  1. I can’t wait to see the results!
    I wish I had tweaked my drawing style earlier: I keep looking at my submission and thinking:
    “I could have done it a lot better/this would have looked so much better in a different style”.
    Maybe I’ll submit an updated version to you after the competition :)

  2. Deadline was November 30th 2012.
    I love these contests and this site, but needs some organizational management.

    Each person could comment on each and every entry in a week easily, in a couple of days even. A month is a long wait for results to collated and discussed, but 3 months? A quarter of a year? A whole season?

    What is the point being strict with deadlines to artists when you are not strict on yourselves with deadlines deciding the winners?

    I’m sorry, I am not very patient, but it has to be said.

  3. Stan: I understand that you enjoy our contests so much that you’re “not very patient” waiting on results, but the staff doing this is an all-volunteer effort, donating their time and expertise to this. To get the talent we do to judge and guest judge, we have to work around their busy professional schedules. The alternative is not doing the contests at all.

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