P:R Regular: Tony Aros!

Note: When Tony Aros won our Shadowman: In A New Light redesign contest, it wasn’t the first time his work has graced our site. Aros’ work has been featured on nine separate occasions, including earning an honorable mention in three of our redesign contests. Today I wanted to bring his work to light once more and show off the excellent pieces Aros’ has done so far. – Chris A.

12 comments to “P:R Regular: Tony Aros!”
  1. I love that Spiderman,but am I the only one who thinks Cap look more like a Fighting American redesign?

  2. He makes some bold decisions that i like, he keeps things practical without removing the pzazz of super costumes.

  3. Thanks to P:R for the feature, and to everyone for their input! I love designing, and this website, the other artists featured here, and commenters are huge inspirations for me. Looking forward to doing more redesigning!

  4. He’s got interesting ideas and definitely makes bold decisions, but I can’t say I like his work. On an artistic note, his poses feel very stiff and inorganic, but I still appreciate his work being better than mine

  5. Really like the Captain America & The Phantom designs. Cap is a little reminiscent of Erik Larsen’s Super Patriot but not so much its a distraction. Very clean, sleek design. Nice work, Tony.

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