P:R Approved: Ross Campbell’s Alopex!

Note: Sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to fully understand something. Take for instance this Ross Campbell-tweaked design on Alopex, a new character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. Originally  introduced just a few months back, I didn’t pay much mind to her then but when I saw Ross’ take on her here I had to stand back and take notice. Ross is working with writer Brian Lynch on a solo issue about her due out later this year. – Chris A.

5 comments on “P:R Approved: Ross Campbell’s Alopex!
  1. I’m a sucker for Fox or Fox-like characters,so I’m a little bias.But this design is really nice I love the purple masking and the white hood !

  2. I was in the same boat… when Alopex first came out in 2011, I was pretty indifferent. Even Ross’s first sketch of the character back then didn’t grab me.

    But when he did this one, I totally saw the character in a different way!! Especially his latest sketch with the bloody footprints… SO COOL!!!!

  3. I’ve been collecting this series from the beginning, and it has blown me away. I’ve always loved the Turtles, and the writing has really taken all the best parts of their mythos and blended them together wonderfully. Allopex is already a good villainess, and a vicious addition to their rogues gallery, especially in The Secret History of the Foot Clan. I can’t wait to see more of her backstory unfold. Ross Campbell has done an excellent job.

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