P:R Approved: Jordan Gibson’s Supergirl (by Chris Samnee)!

Note: Sometimes the best ideas are done when two artists bounce off each other. Chris Samnee took a recent Supergirl redesign by Jordan Gibson and put his own subtle spin on it, and then Jordan came back and colored it. While I might change out the shoes for some sneakers, evertyhing else about this — from the shorts to the stylized chest symbol, mid-length sleeves and cape clasp ring true to what Supergirl is as a character. – Chris A.

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  1. I. Love. This. It’s nice to see a design for a superheroine that’s not just a Ms. Fanservice costume.

  2. I definitely like this redesign. It has a cute, home-made charm to it. Not too sure on the S shield but the rest looks amazing.

  3. I like this a lot. Certainly a lot more practical and a lot less sexualised than the last Supergirl redesign you featured. That kind of cape still looks strange to me, but I like the modified ‘s’ and the more casual t-shirt and shorts combo. Very nice :)

  4. This design is so adorable. If DC decided to skew Supergirl as a younger teen (say, maybe 13 or 14), I could see her wearing this. Definitely loving the shorts. No self-respecting superheroine who can fly should be wearing a skirt.

  5. What’s wrong with a skirt? Heroes have the right to wear what they please. Besides, she could be wearing a layer under the skirt you don’t know about.

    Me, I love those boots! They’re darling! The cape is also a fave of mine. The rest of it is nice if a little roller disco. I feel like it needs more colour, a lot of recent designs have an extra shade of blue, which could easily be added here just by changing the style of shirt to a baseball tee, or throwing some colored tights on under the shorts.

    I want to see this with her hair in a ponytail. I just feel like it would up the cute factor and keep hair out of her eye when flying

  6. Love this. This is a Kara I’d love to read. A young girl, enjoying her powers, not dressed to titlate; a true heroine. I appreciate how it marries New 52 with Silver Age Supergirl. Great job!

  7. THIS is wonderful… the only other Supergirl costume that looks this good is in Supergirl – Adventures of a Cosmic 8th Grader.

    Chris Samnee is a wonderful artist who has a lot of life in his artwork and it really shows here. Supergirl even looks like a girl, in that you can tell she’s young. The old-styled S is great, and the clasp on the front of the cape is fantastic.

    And yes, it’s great that she’s not over-sexualized.

  8. I love it!

    A Supergirl comic which would be an inspiration for girls rather than fanservice for men.

    I think the shorts portray a scrappy, pippi-longstocking type of girl and summertime, which is exactly right for Supergirl.

    If I could choose any writer, I would go for the positive tone of “Zot!” and choose Scott McLeod.

  9. Definitely feels like a nice “Super-Girl: Year One” sorta design. Feels a bit too child-like to be anything older than young teen.

  10. Felix Vasquez Jr.: I never saw the point of mini skirts. I like the shorts, and casual sweater for her uniform.

    Some women like miniskirts. That’s it. I like this over the miniskirt of the red diaper right now, but I fully support her right to wear one. Not every girl in a miniskirt is designed to titillate men. As it is, you can make skirts and tights so much worse than a skirt, so let’s not lay our feminist stance on that

  11. Edwin – even in comicbook land, it’d be hard, not to mention extremely impractical, to fight and fly in a skirt. And you say that not every girl in a miniskirt is there for fanservice – but in comics, they always ARE. So yeah, I’ve got a problem with the miniskirt.

  12. Cool design. There’s something a bit awkward about the boots, but overall it’s a fun design that looks great for a young teenager.

  13. Alex Odell: – but in comics, they always ARE. So yeah, I’ve got a problem with the miniskirt.

    Naoko Takeuchi, creator or Sailor Moon, would like a word with you. So would any number of female artists who created a skirted female character. And in comicbook land, capes are a thing and they, by their nature, would be that much more awkward that skirts. You can wear shorts under a skirt and be fine. You can wear a skirt composed of sections, like several versions of Wonder Woman have shown us. My wife wont buy a skirt unless she can run in it. Some women don’t mind showing stuff off in public. Hell, Power Girl flew around in a gymnast outfit with a cape, which had panty bottoms; and if you say Power Girl exists for eye candy you’ve fundamentally ignored what is great about her character.

    Also, please regale upon us how this (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_rLV-ZuNPwJ4/SI4DCqGP9zI/AAAAAAAAB5Q/Ja7oSYrydkA/s400/Action329-18.jpg) is fanservice

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