12 comments to “P:R Approved: Eric Guzman’s Black Manta!”
  1. This is frigging awesome ,great update on the helmet the gauntlets kinda remind me of Shriek from Batman Beyond which aint a bad thing !

  2. Those ears make it look like a vestige of a product to combine the JL w/the LoD. This entry: Bat-Manta

  3. I really like everything except those forearms and hands. The fins on the legs, the head redesign, and the gills are all great, but then we get those arms and they just hurt this design so much.

  4. Love the glowing red and the oversized arms and feet. The helmets rocks too but it seems a little too small now.

  5. The “ears” are the only thing throwing this for me. I LOVE the robotic look to it, but it’s a little too close to Batman’s robot armor.

  6. He has a ton of interesting takes on stuff on his site/DA pages. He has a Superman where the cape extends off the corners of the S symbol on his chest instead of starting at the seams of the shoulders or however it usually attaches, which seems much smarter and more cohesive imo. (way too lazy to grab the link to the pic, it’s on his page linked up in the post though).

  7. I like Eric’s original characters (all featured on his blog) a lot more than his redesigns, which for some reason – like this one – tend to be overly spiky.

  8. Black Manta pretends to reform in order to join Batman Inc. and feed the Legion of Doom with inside information would be one hell of a concept.

  9. I wish masks with “ears” didn’t automatically cause most people to see Batman. I think once you get past that, designs like these can be a good fit for the character. Personally, I like it. The addition of the ears is a little too literal of an interpretation for the character’s namesake for what I’d prefer, but it’s cohesive with the rest of the design.

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