P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s Wonder Woman!

Note: It’s not the first time Kris Anka‘s taken on Wonder Woman, and hopefully it won’t be the last. This new rendition of Diana Prince shapes her up as a demigod and a warrior. Anka’s work makes the “New 52” segmented armor work, while leaving room for the character’s own unique accoutrements.  Chris A.

15 comments to “P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s Wonder Woman!”
  1. Wow, this is sweet. The upper body is great, just enough skin showing and still ready for battle – but I’m not crazy about the skirt and bare legs though. Just continue the semi-armored look down her legs and you got something really interesting there. Good stuff, Jay approved!

  2. I love it, but then again I am partial to anyone who tones down the bikini look and gives her more of a warrior feel. That and I love Anka’s art style.

  3. Excellent work as always, Kris! Gorgeous, bad ass, and fully functional. Hell, it would even work as a unisex uniform. I love a good superhero costume that would work on women or men.

  4. I like this, but I feel like it’s not quite recognizable as Wonder Woman. The neckline is a great choice, and the armor is very nice. However; her face. Why do artists insist on a grim, angry Diana. This isn’t the Princess of Themyscara, ambassador to Man’s world. This is Xena, about to go fight

  5. This is great as always.
    The only thing I don’t like is the bare foot detail (which we can see in the picture Chris just posted) I know what’s the intention behind that decision, but come on!
    If someone throw some Legos on the floor, she’ll be in real trouble!

  6. I usually don’t like it when the bracelets get fiddled with but those work. I love the crap out of this design.

  7. I love Anka’s work, and this design is certainly better than a lot of what we’ve seen DC put Diana in over the past several years, but I prefer his other redesigns for her over this one.

  8. I don’t usually like Wonder Woman, but this is amazing. If DC ever gets off their ass and does a live action one, it better be something like this. I especially like how they turned the tiara into something else.

  9. Awesome! Just turn the skirt into pants, and it’s ready for a live-action movie. One of the best WW redesigns I’ve ever seen.

  10. Why can’t she have the skirt? I mean, it’s based on Greek armor. They weren’t big on pants in that case. They could totally get away with this just fine

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