Off-Duty: Kevin Wada’s X-Men!

Note: Showing that fashion isn’t just limited to their working clothes, Kevin Wada returns to P:R to show off renditions of Marvel’s new X-Men team. The X-Men never looked this good.  My question– where can I get Kitty Pryde’s shirt for my wife? – Chris A.

Kevin Wada on his illustration:

When the new X-men lineup was announced I, of course, thought it was amazing and refreshing and about damn time.  It wasn’t until a friend of mine brought the new team up again that the idea for another X-fashion developed.  It really was a “duh” moment for me – they’re ripe for a fashion piece, and not just because they’re women but because they are some of THE biggest female names of the X-men.  So I went for it.  Wanted something a little more dynamic than X-fashions of the past.  My main thought going in was more pants, less dresses and frippery.  Of course there’s still bling and heels – you can’t take away all the fun – but I wanted fashion that was a bit more street, more real, a little more badass.

Rachel is grunge.  Love her jacket, not so happy with her shirt.

Psylocke is NYC fashionista tomboy.  Dip dyed hair (so trendy) and a butterfly print blouse.

I’m really happy with Kitty’s dragon t-shirt and bad ass heels.  Had to get a shoe in there somewhere, people.

Storm is my 80s executive realness.  Her earring is fashioned after the one Willi Ninja bought (he has the receipt) in Paris is Burning.

My southern belle is in a loud print and hose – she’s the only one in a dress.  I wanted her in printed leggings but she was already such a patterned mess I decided against it.

And Jubes is just all over the place.  Bikini and hot pants and a bedazzled jacket.

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  1. See if you can get him to post a higher res version for those of us who want to use it as phone wallpaper. The guy’s holding out on us! You can’t make something like that and keep it to 800 pixels!

  2. This is hat I’m talking about!! I’m never impressed with “off duty” looks where it’s just a casual version of their costumes. These, however, are elegant and show off their personalities . Love em!!!!!!

  3. Mr. Wada’s grasp of both the characters’ individual personalities and style and modern fashion, and his ability to seemingly effortlessly blend the two to create something so amazingly original that is truly a work of art in so many ways will never cease to amaze me. I’m truly in awe of his talents and thankful that someone like him is a comic book fan. He really brings a level of sophistication to this art form that you just don’t find anywhere else.

  4. Very very nice. I’m pretty excited about the new X-Men line-up and this is just the cherry on top.

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