5 comments to “P:R Approved: Chris Arrant’s 6 Favorite Super-Hero Redesigns over at CBR’s Robot 6!”
  1. Not sure I agree with all of these (I might have included Nightwing) but I definitely agree about Flash and GL. Those were some really brave and interesting changes, swapping almost every costume element for something new and more modern. The Nu52 designs have their flaws, but I guess I’m happy that in some small way the process of design renewal and updating is still going on.

  2. I was wondering why the choices in this article weren’t (a) the usual ‘nothing older than last year’ thing you usually get with these, and (b) actually well thought out, rather than the first names off the top of someone’s head.
    Kudos to you, sir. An excellent article.

  3. I keep forgetting how insanely different Daredevil is than when he started. Wow. Things like the change of Catwoman’s gear into non-spank material was a fantastic choice. Even the first issue of her nu-52 series can’t ruin how great that suit is in comparison to what came before

  4. Agree on them all. However, if Black Widow randomly just went back to her original design for the next year it would be the funniest thing in comics.

  5. All great choices, Chris – very cool article! With the exception of Spiderman, each of your choices went from silly or odd looking to all-time classic iconic designs. And in the case of spiderman, it went from one great design to another.

    I had no idea that Wally Wood re-designed Daredevil… its always nice to learn something new every day! Clearly I need to study my Marvel history a little more :D

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