P:R Approved: Thomas Branch’s Stephanie Brown Robin!

Note: The P:R staff have long held admiration for DC’s Stephanie Brown, and Texas artist Thomas Branch has seized upon that to get on the site with this excellent tune-up for Steph in her guise as Robin. He’s showing Brown as well-equipped for the Bat-family’s war on crime, confident and ready for battle. – Chris A.

Here’s what Branch had to say about the design:

Stephanie Brown as Robin. Its a redesign of a slightly older Steph, seasoned by the years being Robin. No longer the bundle of energy and youthful excitement of starting out and not knowing what to expect, Steph is now calculating, confident, efficient, more agile and an even better fighter. Grayson continues to mentor her in the ideals of the Bat and the balance of being your own person in that shadow of Bruce’s.

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  1. Loving the centered logo and the gloves and all the lines, but I think the boots should match the gloves. This would be a perfect suit for Steph if they decide to introduce her to the new 52. Nice work!

  2. What an amazing piece of art. It makes me sad that we didn’t get to see more Stephanie’s journey. I always really liked her, and I thought she had a ton of potential. I’d have loved to see her go from Spoiler to Robin to Batgirl to a more grown up Robin.

  3. The opera gloves are an odd choice, but there’s nothing wrong with them. God, there is NOTHING wrong with this design. I loved her skirted Robin suit from her run, but goddamn this is cool! This feels like an outfit you could almost completely transplant onto another Robin and it still look cool. Now we just need a Batman cool enough to stand behind this Robin since currently, he’s kind of dumb looking.

  4. Pretty awesome, if I had to criticize (and I always do) I’d say two ‘R’ insignias is one too many…it’s not needed on the belt.

  5. I absolutely love this. Wow. I think the contrast between the heavy green arms and the all black legs broken up by the green holsters is spot on. Really, amazing, amazing job.

  6. Definitely nicely drawn – like all Branch’s work – but I’m afraid that, as somebody who never liked Steph as Robin or the robin costume in general… I don’t like this much :(
    Those subjective things aside, it looks very top heavy, with so much details in the tunic and gloves – not to mention the repetition of the R logo – whilst the legs and feet are just flat, stark black.
    If anyone is interested, on my blog I recently redesigned Steph in her Spoiler guise as part of my dream Teen Titans line-up.

  7. I was never a Stephanie Brown fan (P:R blasphemy!), but this really is a perfect redesign…except for the two insignias. Jay is right, the buckle doesn’t need an ‘R’,

  8. Art is great, but design is less so in my opinion. Making the R emblem centered throws off part of the aesthetic of the Robin lineage. Frankly, I say it’d be better without an emblem at all than to have it centered. The belt emblem is superfluous too. I like the yellow ribbing on the sides of the top. Everything else looks pretty good too, but is she wearing wedges? Like high heels? I hope that’s just my imagination here…

  9. i actually really like the centered “R”. I think people are missing the fact that it’s the zipper pull for the tunic. At least, that’s how it reads to me. I did my own redesign years ago, and that’s an aesthetic that I also chose. And as far as it repeating on the belt, we’ve all seen at least one version on Batman, Batgirl and Batwoman that have the bat emblem repeated in the utility belt. Why can’t Robin?

  10. Ren Malone: I was never a Stephanie Brown fan (P:R blasphemy!), but this really is a perfect redesign…except for the two insignias. Jay is right, the buckle doesn’t need an ‘R’,

    Get out of my house! J/K

    Seriously, that Belt R is as Superfluous as Batman periodically having a symbol on HIS utility belt. It’s easily forgettable and inoffensive

  11. Along with the Doom Patrol team, Batman has always been my favourite DC hero. Even so, I have never been a fan of any incarnation of the Boy Wonder or his costume [another blasphemer!].

    THIS, however, is a fantastic costume design & a wrinkle on the character that I like immediately on sight. I love the balance, design, & length of the green gloves & weapon holsters against the all black legs. I think the red-breasted corset is just the right additional feminine touch & a perfect nod to the concept of the namesake, while still being functional.

    All around excellent design lines in the piping, & I love the cut of the cape trim [and throat area]. It looks like there are some nice piping lines in the legs that aren’t showing up well on my monitor, that would be my only real [constructive] criticism of this work. The dual logos didn’t bother me until I read through all the comments here – they could be mildly redundant, but I liked them. I suppose the belt logo would go first if it were my design.

    Really, really nice work here – love the gesture & conveyed confidence of the pose as well.

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