P:R Approved: Pericles Junior’s Teen Titans, Part 2!

Note: Some say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but Pericles Junior hopes to do that with his second rendition of the Teen Titans kids. After appearing here last month, Pericles brought back the kids and posed them more front-and-center to show off his various ideas for the costumes. While not all of them are home runs, I like the the militaristic Superboy — especially offset by the slacker Supergirl.  – Chris A.

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  1. Awesome! Just awesome! I love the look of all the characters, especially the Bat characters. Also loving the girls cause they look like actual teens.

  2. I’m just gonna get in first with a pre-emptive “hipster snide comment hipster hipster snide comment hipster hipster”.

    That said, they don’t look like they’re in a rush to save the world, do they? More like they’ve been given detention. :)

  3. I can get why some of the girls on the team would bare their midriff… with Starfire it’s almost inevitable, due to her character’s history… but Batgirl? Really?
    That aside, these still look mostly like off-duty outfits, like the first batch.
    Paradoxically, it’s the designs pushed to the background which look more inspired (skateboarder Robin is interesting)
    Phil Bourassa’s Aquaman making a cameo over on the right looks so mopey… probably due to the cancellation of Young Justice?

  4. You know when they say “This is not your father’s (fill in the blank)!” … well, this is not your father’s Teen Titans! Unfortunately, I am the father.

    It’s an outstanding piece of artwork but there’s not one design in there I really like or don’t feel is completely wrong for the character. I guess as a child of the 70’s I just prefer a proper “super suit”

  5. so awesome it hurts deep! loving super girl and bat girl you should do a worlds finest with just them very coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  6. Huge fan of seeing Young Justice-connected characters like Artemis and Kaldur becoming part of the redesign canon — but it would be cooler to see them incorporated in good faith into the New 52.

  7. I wonder when we’re going to see male characters showing lots of skin like the girls are? At least back int eh old days robin was wearing those tiny shorts, but now I’m seeing some massive gender disparity here.

  8. This!!!! A thousand times this!!!! The Teen Titans book was the one I feel, suffered the most from the New 52, especially since it was finally going back in a good direction with J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott. The current Titans have (in my opinion) some of the most godawful costumes. They don’t feel like young superheroes. In contrast to the amazing Young Avengers book by Kieron Gillen and Jamie Mckelvie where everything about the characters screams young, modern, fun! Especially Supergirl and Wonder Girl! I’m a huge fan!

  9. As someone who neither read Teen Titans growing up nor watched the cartoon, and someone who is a huge fan of a more realistic approach to superheroes, I love the look Pericles has created for this team. The only design I’m not crazy about is Batgirl, but they are all fashion-forward. I sincerely hope that this is what the future of comics looks like. Superheroes should keep up with the times, and costumes inspired by circus performers are outdated. The only two characters I can think of off the top of my head whose costumes shouldn’t be changed are Superman and Spider-Man. I can’t express how much I love this look. Way to go, Pericles!

  10. I like them a lot,I believe that as juvenile super team they should follow the style of the moment,this is a very well done redesign,it mix super suits and normal dress much better than other modern redesign of the team i saw

  11. Kinda like Superboy, but the rest just remind me of gloomy emo kids. The DCU should have some lightheartedness and sense of hope. All I get from this is a mopey XMen type vibe.

  12. Think of this as the group POST-fight. They’re all beat from having to save the day. And you’re right about a skin disparity, but I think that could be fixed by taking Aquallad/man’s top. Using Cassie Caine instead of Barbars is a nice touch. And I like how the teens aren’t beholden to super suits yet. I always felt like a super suit is something you grow into as you BECOME an icon. These kids are still growing and can’t afford the cost and care of one yet. Actually, I think Nightwing, Robin, Raven and Aqualad are wearing something like a suit, just not a “traditional” skin-tight one. Artemis is sporting the Arrow tv series painted mask, which I’m growing more fond of as a replacement to the typical domino mask. All you have to do, is thicken it to really make is an effective disguise

    Oh my god, is SB wearing red high tops?! Why did I not think of this sooner?

  13. i really dig this .. DC needs a teen book, like what Young Avengers and Runaways was at Marvel…. a Fun book about discovery and coming of age, not just young kinds being thrown to the wolves fighting crazy villains. The old school Young Justice was fun , but Teen titans has been crap for years now.

  14. ErictheTolle, it’s true, it is a gender disparity, but it’s also one mirrored by a lot of the teenagers I see on the street. Teenage boys don’t tend to bare a lot of skin…

  15. Great! again! I think Supergirl should have kept the glasses though. They made no sense, but I liked the idea of Supergirl being the anti-Clark Kent – putting glasses ON when getting into costume. And my earlier comment about Miss Martian – that’s she a shape-changer & would surely make herself look as good as possible – still stands. These are fantastic designs and very evocative. This image makes you want to know more about the characters & wonder how they would work as a team.

  16. The coolness of of the guys’ suits are offset by the bare midriffs, short skirts and booty shorts of the chicks. Starfire looks like a crappy design from the 80’s , Supergirl, Wonder Girl and Raven look like hoochy youngsters on their way to school. The only good female designs are Artemis and Miss Martian. Next time you draw Young Justice, make sure you actually put the female characters in their crime-fighting costumes too.

  17. I think Graeme and Alex Odell nailed it on the head. Pericles took a second chance to make a first impression, and made the exact same impression – a resounding “meh.”
    I do get the whole “let’s put superheroes in normal clothes!” design idea, but I don’t think it works for every hero – especially when the decisions seem completely arbitrary, and not connected to the characters in any way.

    On a side note, everybody can totally see up Supergirl, Starfire, Raven, and Miss Martian’s miniskirts.

  18. Any other football fans out there think NIghtwing looks eerily like Luis Suarez? Great designs though, I may not like real-life hipsters but I’d certainly like to meet these guys.

  19. DannyIndeed: On a side note, everybody can totally see up Supergirl, Starfire, Raven, and Miss Martian’s miniskirts.

    And. Raven and Supergirl can wear shorts underneath. Miss Martian is a shape shifter. I think everyone agrees that, for the most part, Starfire doesn’t care. Stop getting hung up on skirts. It’s not endearing and smacks of more patriarchy. It’s the equivalent of saying “no daughter of mine will dress like a slut”. This is how kids dress. While I do find merit in people saying that more of them should have traditional supersuits, I will absolutely refute anyone who tries to play the pseudo-feminist

  20. These all look pretty good, but Batgirl shouldn’t have an exposed midriff. The long coat works well for her though, and the big sunglasses/goggles look pretty cool. Like before though, she needs ears. A bat-person simply must have ears. I do kind of like that hair though, especially if it’s just a wig, but she needs some ears on top even if she doesn’t have a full cowl. And I’m assuming that’s the Artemis from season one of Young Justice? She probably shouldn’t have her belly showing either. The hood looks good on her though. Nightwing (?) looks great. Raven (?) looks great. Miss Martian is cool, but I feel like her cape being alien among the “civvie spandex” doesn’t read as well if Raven has a huge cloak too. Wonder Girl is great, and Supergirl is good too. Superboy looks a little uptight for my taste, but his attire doesn’t seem bad. I like Aqualad’s hairline being weird like that. Starfire works reasonably well, and her bare belly seems appropriate for her character. Skater Robin is a cool aesthetic and an interesting idea at first, but realistically, a skateboard wouldn’t be of much use to him as they’re actually very inefficient forms of travel and require way too much skill just to get around a LITTLE, let alone all of the rooftop escapades that the Boy Wonder would be expected to partake in.

  21. Easy, Edwin. That last part’s a joke. Perhaps I should have included a smiley, though that might come across as pervy.

    Interestingly enough, your outrage circles back around to the actual point of my criticism of the design – connection to character. Sure, Starfire might “not care.” Especially if you enjoy her “New 52” characterization. But the others might. And from the length of the skirts in these designs, it seems unlikely to me that they’re wearing shorts. Unless they’re actually wearing “skorts”, which seems like an awful design notion as well.

    Believe, I’m no pseudo-feminist. I’ve already caught hell on here before because I like costumes that lean towards being tight or revealing, without getting into blatant Lady Death/Vampirella/90s Image cheesecake. I just don’t like these designs on an aesthetic level, a character-driven level, or a practical level.

  22. Edwin:
    I’m not being a pseudo-feminist or slut shaming. I’m saying the girls’ superhero costumes should be held to the same standard of practicality and wearability as the guys’. Yes, this may be how kids dress, but they’re supposed to be superheroes. So, when the guys are dressed for fighting, it makes no sense why most of the girls wouldn’t be. And Starfire might not care if people can look up her skirt, but fighting in one’s gonna be a lot harder than if she were wearing pants. Since she’s from a warrior culture, she’d probably care more about that.

  23. I can get behind most of the bared skin on the females. Starfire’s culture is clothing-optional anyway, M’gann and Raven can turn intangible, Kara is invulnerable, and Cassie has her bracelets. But Artemis and Cass? Two non-metas baring their midriffs is a sign to bad guys everywhere. A big, flashing neon sign that says, “SHOOT ME IN THE GUT!” Bat and Arrow costumes are made of a Kevlar/Nomex weave for a reason.

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