P:R Approved: Andy MacDonald’s Woman In Red!

Note: Don’t know who Woman In Red is? Consider yourself missing out. Andy MacDonald has revived the classic pulp comics character with this great redesign, keeping the flowing aspects of her original design by George Mandel without falling back on the typical skintight bodysuit. She’s public domain now — who wouldn’t want to see Andy do more with this newly redesigned Woman In Red?- Chris A.

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  1. The outfit looks great but, if I may, I’d like to offer my two cents for a brief moment. I’ve always had some issues with The Woman in Red’s outfit, both the original and this remake. While this is rather stylish and nicely put together, it lacks the one thing a street level heroine needs—to be practical during combat.

    Unless she has mystical powers, the flowing skirt and cape will definitely hinder her crime-fighting abilities (getting caught on objects like loose nails, a criminal grabbing one section to close the distance). But the last thing I want is to have her end up in a skin-tight outfit that strays from the original design so greatly.

    Why not a compromise and go with with a ninja-like outfit that offers an outfit that is not tight to the body but doesn’t hinder her in battle. Again, this is just my opinion on the matter.

  2. There’s some stuff going on in the chest I’d change, like those halter(?) straps, which are just awkwardly placed. The more traditional type of mask, instead of a domino mask was a good touch and her guns look interesting. I’d see what he can do with this

  3. Looks like an embarassing photo of a mom from the 70s. Doesn’t look practical, but even worse, doesn’t look cool.

  4. I like how it manages to keep a monochromatic design visually interesting, which isn’t always easy. My only hangup is that I originally thought she was wearing pants, but upon reading comments and taking a second look, realize she’s wearing a skirt. And maybe it’s just demo-love, but I kinda wish it was, in fact, pants.

  5. Nice one, I really like the look of this redesign and would lvoe to see it in a few more action type shots.

  6. When I first stumbled across Project Rooftop, I enjoyed the occasional redesign contests for old public-domain characters (Unknown Soldier, etc). Could we have those again, once in a while, please?

  7. Bruce: We’ve never had contests for public-domain characters, but we did do RetroFix where writers and artists chose to partner together and redesign a public domain hero and show the results. That is open for entries every day of the year — no need to wait for a contest to submit.

  8. Like the overall but so many straps and not a hint of a holster in sight … wearing a gun gangsta style is just not good for business (personally saw a dude just drop his Beretta in the middle of a bar while barely moving because he was carrying it in it’s pants.

    Unlike most i digg the skirt over pants.

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