Movie Makeover: Ant-Man Design for Upcoming Edgar Wright Feature!

Note: Although the Ant-Man test reel shown last year at Comic-Con International has come and gone from the internet faster than Quicksilver, those who were able to see it witnessed a great real-world take on the founding Avenger’s costume — and in action, no less. Although the designer is currently unknown, right now I blame writer/director Edgar Wright for it being so great. Here’s a still showing the top portion of the outfit. – Chris A.

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  1. The head-piece reminds me too much of Iron Man. It doesn’t particularly invoke any memories/images of Ant-Man as I’ve known the character in the comics.

  2. I really hope they don’t go with this suit. It looks like it came out of a fan film, plus I like that all the costume designs across the marvel films have been consistent. I mean, no one asked for an ant-man movie, so why tempt fate? Why not just introduce Pym in someone else’s movie (Hawkeye and Black Widow film?) as a scientist that works for shield. And then bring him out as ant-man in the 3rd phase of avengers films? Its not like fans will be angry over not seeing ant-man on screen.

  3. I’m pretty sure this will be some sort of rudimentary prototype suit. The shots you see from the back in the extended test footage show some canisters and cables exposed and attached using a variety of means (some even looked like they were taped together). All of which makes me think this is an experimental version which Ant-Man (whomever that may be) dons in a hurry. Most likely, the suit will get more streamlined and fine-tuned throughout the film (a la first Iron Man movie).
    Either way I like it and can’t wait to see the finished film :)

  4. Looks alright, considering what they have to work with. I’m more wary of the name than the cosutme. No matter how cool you make him look, how are they gonna make “Antman” seem cool? For that matter, what powers is he gonna have, besides changing sizes? Don’t know how well that would work in a movie.

  5. Saw a bootleg version and the short was awesome. I like the design of the outfit. I’m just hoping they revise the story where its Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. The Marvel Cinematic Universe needs more women and the Wasp is one of many long overdue for her time on the silver screen.

  6. Dailymotion still has a clip of the teaser footage, and this looks like it may be the final sit. It seems to work pretty well. I really can’t image him running around in spandex, with a helmet.

  7. I like it – Pym is one of my favorites and can’t wait to see him on screen…change the red to yellow and you have a good start on a YellowJacket suit

  8. I think it’s a perfect Marvel movie universe version of the classic Ant-Man costume. It’s readily recognizable without looking silly.

    I’m confused why people are arguing that we don’t need to see Ant-Man on screen when the film’s been in production for years. Kind of a moot point, isn’t it?

  9. Iron Man had three different suits in his first movie, about three in his second movie, two in the Avengers, and 40+ in the third movie. Captain America has had at least three costumes across the two movies he’s been in, and Black Widow and Hawkeye have both had updated Avengers movie costumes that are different than their respective Iron Man and Thor costumes.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would get hung up on what a Marvel-produced movie costume looks like when it changes about every hour of screen time. I’m not wild about the tan sections of Tony Stark’s new armor, but you know what? I doubt he’ll be wearing it for the last half of the movie anyway.

  10. The only thing I’d change is making his eyes visible instead of those black voids. That change by itself would make it seem more heroic, and more Pym. The rest I’m fine with. I’m sure this isn’t a final version though, since it was made for a test reel.

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