P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s DC Female Super-Team!

Note: We’ve been proud over the years to highlight the work of artist Kris Anka. Years before Marvel took notice and made him one of their primary cover artists, P:R has spotlighted his excllent redesigns of popular characters. And now, Kris is taking his revisions of popular heroes one step further by making a bolsterous new team for the DCU comprised of some of that company’s greatest heroines. Anka hasn’t given them a name — but after Justice League and Justice League of America, why not just keep it simple and call them Justice?- Chris A.

Here’s what Anka said about the casting and the redesigns:

The greatest Team in the world.

Kate. Diana. Eve. Scandal. and Renee.

This started a few weeks ago from an idea I had when talking to a co-worker of mine at Nickelodeon. She and I were remarking how big fans we were of Kate and Diana and that lead to my realization that I would love to do a book with them, plus Eve.

From there I added Starling, because I remembered how much I loved her and the Secret Six.

and Renee, cause when Greg Rucka says a team needs Renee, you better add Renee.

Each costume was redesigned a bit too.

I made Kate a bit more formal. Heavily influenced by Yasmin Liang’s design.

Diana is more or less just a tweak of my older design. I definitely wanted  to keep the Greco Roman Grappler aspect of her. More Wrestler than like a knight. I also wanted to give her a short hair cut, but she ended up  looking better with an epic mane of hair.

Eve more or less is the same. I gave her a cage corset, just cause i like cage dresses. Made her slightly more fashionable.

Scandal I just wanted her too look more Ninja. nothing too large of a change. just some taste stuff.

and Renee, also didn’t have  too much of a change, just gave her a bit more of a designed coat, rather than just a regular suit.

20 comments to “P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s DC Female Super-Team!”
  1. Saw these a while back and the comments too but to find out they were secretly for an actual project if great. Love to see what he does with this Diana in action in particular, this is hoping he is doing interiors too mind you!

  2. That is what Wonder Woman should look like! That’s perfect! I hope DC looks to these designs as how to draw an amazon.

  3. J’adore. Masterwork. I like the tweaks even if they are just for aesthetic favouritism from the creator. They work well. LOVE the team. I’d read this book like crazy. I’d even want to write it.

  4. I like it from a design standpoint but from a story perspective you got Wonder Woman and several street level heroines. It would be really difficult to create potential threats that challenge Diana without overwhelming the others.

  5. I always wondered what to do with Renee. The suit didn’t suit her physical features and was just a bit too “butch lesbian” for who I felt she was. She fought a religion devoted to crime, matched wits with Two-Face and went all around the world to help the previous Question die. Her clothes should stand out. This is really the part of the design that means the most to me. The rest of them are good, but this one is the hallmark design for me

  6. I would read the cuss out of this. But could do with one more heavy, hell even a medium weight for the big fights, everyone else is very street level, I’d add Zatana, she’s your link to the mystics and magic done right can hold its own with the big bads.

  7. Yeah. That’s damn cool, right there. THIS looks like a team that can kick ass, and I can’t say that for most of the female teams out there, like Fearless Defenders. They’re too flashy. This looks bone crunching and down to earth.

    Only downside… Vic Sage is the better Question.

  8. I really, really want this series! One of the things I love about it is how it’s a team compromised of three lesbians, a bisexual and Wonder Woman. So cool! My only problem is that Batwoman NEEDS her belt back. That’s where she keeps all her cool tech.

  9. Wonder Woman looks tough and awesome, but she really needs some shoes. Some shorts under her shredded skirt would be nice, too. What if she needs to jump or kick someone?
    Scandal is looking good and actually recognizable, and Batwoman looks like such a bamf.

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