P:R Approved: Patrick Hollowell’s Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman!

Note: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are the flag-bearers for the DCU, and artist Patrick Hollowell has taken to updating their costume to modern times. Coming from a similar motivation as the “New 52” designs, Hollowell’s work took him down a much different path, with some excellent results. – Chris A.

Here’s what Patrick said about his designs:

Batman -Wanted his suit to make his silhouette hard to distinguish other than the ears, especially up against the cape. Put the Symbol over the cape for dramatic effect, like there’s a group of ne’er do wells in a meeting and one of them randomly gets knocked out, they look up and the last thing you see is that haunting yellow bat before you wake up in the hospital. No cod pieces, tired of them damn undies on the outside

Superman – Real heavy up top, sparse below. A bit more yellow than normal but he does most of his work in the daylight and gets his power from the sun so I think it brightens him up a lot more. Draws more attention to his chest where most of his strength lies I believe. And I LOVE the damn Kryptonian collars, gonna get me a suit with one. Same with Bats, gotta get rid of the bikini bottoms, can’t remember who it was, maybe Kirs Anka, but someone pointed out

Wonder Woman – Lots of things to get rid of, the “WW” push up is gone, makes life dangerous for heroines. Titties could be exposed at any moment, easily. Tied up the hair, harder to grab, harder to take down, cuz everyone know Cheetah is an underhanded bitch. No heels, cuz Diana knows better than that, and she’d probably break them mid-battle and that’s no good. Opted for a skirt to keep archaic/feminine vibe. Wanted her to be separate from Superman, so I changed her color scheme to include 2 reds and no gold or yellow, think it looks better with her bands

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  1. I like that Superman has a shorter cape like a matador to distinguish him from Batman’s longer, more operatic cape. Giving Supes that kind of sportsman’s cape is a great throwback to the roots his original costume had with circus strongman and similar athletic performers. Not too keen on the yellow rib pieces though, it seems like his big torso starts to disappear since the rest of his chest is blue. Inverting the colors on the “S” is a nice touch, again it harkens back to his roots of a golden authority badge or shield.

    Wonder Woman is very different here, but it is very practical. Replacing the typical gold with silver definitely helps give her a distinct identity from the other two.

  2. I like that you’re trying to make Wonder Woman more practical, but why are you giving her that weird Leia slave-girl skirt with no sides to it? At least put some shorts under that. No way that works in a fight.

  3. I like that you’re trying to make Wonder Woman more practical, but why are you giving her that weird Leia slave-girl skirt with no sides to it? At least put some shorts under that. No way that works in a fight.
    Batman looks fine, and I like everything about Superman’s design except for the shoulder pads, which are a little off-putting visually. The logo looks different and cool, and the overall outfit has a slightly more streamlined and futuristic edge.

  4. Batman apparently skips leg day. His cape seems impractical, but the more I look at it the more I’m starting to like it.

  5. Aww man! I was playing around with a Supes redesign and I thought I was being all new and clever by breaking up his color palette by adding a darker blue for the pants – I even added the dark blue in the shoulders because who else would ever think to do that? And here comes Patrick doing it and doing it fabulously.

    Well done on all three designs sir!

  6. Batman isn’t wearing a half-cape, ala classic Captain Marvel, is he? Emblem over cape works well here, no trunks works, nice piping/ribbing too. I really like the sharp scallops on the cape too, something I think I first saw on the animated “The Batman” series. If it were me, I probably wouldn’t match the belt to the color of the emblem though. You’ve got to think, if the point of the emblem is to show through the shadows, his belt might too, and that would cause a strange look of a floating belt partially hidden by a cape and a stylized bat emblem floating above it. I usually don’t like a black belt for Bats, but I think it would work better for the intentions behind this costume.

    Superman has too much yellow for my liking. The reasoning for it feels like a rationalization to me, when really the goal was to change it just to be different. I don’t like changing things just so that they’re different. The top-heavy look works well, as it always does for Supes, and I like the dual-tone blues and lack of trunks. I don’t know why the New 52 didn’t hit on the idea of two different shades of blue when they decided to shed the trunks. Boots seem a little unusual, but I don’t hate it. I also usually hate Superman with a high collar, but this doesn’t seem bad. It feels like it fits his cheesy grin. The short cape is great too, and it fits with the idea of the cape actually being a baby blanket. Whoever saw a baby blanket that was long enough to serve as a long cape for a 6 foot plus man?

    Wonder Woman has a lot that works. I especially like the more bottom-heavy curvy silhouette and the tied hair, but I think the skirt should cover more than just over her front. A full skirt would tie in well with his Greek history too, or at least hint at that aesthetic. I appreciate the idea of moving the “WW” emblem to her belt, too, but it makes her chest look a little sparse, like it’s missing something. Maybe an abstract eagle emblem on the chest could help? It doesn’t have to be the “push-up” with exposed cleavage she usually has. And the wings could mirror the “WW” belt, with the wings taking the same general shape in reflection. I think that could look pretty cool.

  7. A final note I forgot: I absolutely LOVE when Batman’s cape closes in front, and it looks like that was the intent here. Awesome. I can’t believe that isn’t a universal standard for the character, it makes his shape so much more mysterious and foreboding.

  8. Not a fan of the artist’s language used to describe his art. I assumed P:R was more responsible than this to allow such content.

  9. I feel like we’ve seen this same Superman design before, just with different colors on each rendition. I do like your choice of colors here though, especially the inverted S. That always looks cool.

    I’m liking the more practical approach to Wonder Woman and I dig the colors, but that headband is awful, I hate that it partly covers her face.

  10. You should really feature the awesome character redesigns which were recently released and which were used in the PS3/Xbox fighting game based on DC’s character, Injustice: Gods Among Us.

    Here’s the artists tumblr:

  11. I feel like Batman is way too monochromatic there. It’s not really interesting. Superman’s yellow sides don’t work for me, but I love the half cape. The boots are a good choice too. Wonder Woman is just fine. There are lots of little things I’d change, and I don’t agree that Superman should universally be top heavy. I tend to want his figure to represent that most of his strength comes from his powers, not his body. Plus, a smaller guy is less intimidating to the people

  12. Chad, I agree about the language. The Wonder Woman design is fine, but the description is childish and weird. I’d make Batman’s symbol another color, perhaps red? Though that might be too Batman Beyond.

  13. Meryle: You should really feature the awesome character redesigns which were recently released and which were used in the PS3/Xbox fighting game based on DC’s character, Injustice: Gods Among Us.Here’s the artists tumblr:

    Don’t take me wrong, but I think that while the art is awesome in those I:GAU designs, the designs themselves are absolute overblown, baroque and obtuse rubbish. Just my opinion of course.

  14. I’m inclined to agree on everything you said there except the Wonder Woman, who has very good ideas.

  15. ” 2. Include your name and website, and feel free to include your thoughts on your design if you want, but it will be up to the reviewer whether or not to include your text in their review.”

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