P:R Redesign: David Tremary’s Wonder Woman, The Animated Odyssey!

Note: Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello’s blazing new take on Wonder Woman in DC’s “New 52” has earned a cadre of fans including us here at P:R. Turns out that it’s also earned a fan in a professional brand/package designer who does licensed work for Disney, Marvel and other big media companies — David Tremary. Tremary took on DC’s crown princess and dreamt up Wonder Woman: The Animated Odyssey, a slate of character designs for an imaginary animated series based on the designs of Cliff Chiang. Originally intended to be showcased in our earlier Fan-Art Friday: Wonder Woman, we held this back to give this it’s own day in the spotlight. If only this were real! – Chris A.

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  1. I like it overall, and I understand that it’s a stylizing detail, but my only gripe is the heels (and the dainty heel run – ugh, daintiness is lame). While I always prefer no heels at all – because a warrior knows that limiting your stability is always a poor decision – Cliff’s heels on her boots are at least wider and shorter, offering far more stability than the higher, pointier ones. Again, I know it’s a stylized version, but it’s always something I think about as a woman who is forced to occasionally wear those torture devices and as Wonder Woman fan.

  2. Not really feeling this one. His initial Wonder Woman design is engaging, but the whole design scheme starts falling apart the farther along he goes. I like his Ancient War Ares and his Aphrodite (tough, considering the “imply she’s naked, never show her” design that currently shows up in the book.) Other than that, though, it’s all a little awkward and flat for what I’d imagine would be a rather dynamic animated show. The men suffer the most – Hephaestus in particular. Though Dr. Cyber’s cyborg-brain-uterus is particularly disturbing in its own unique way.

  3. Love everything going on here, Modern Ares is perfect. I would watch the hell out of this cartoon.

  4. these are fantastic, lots of imagination. Not fussed on old-man War but Dr Cyber, in particularly, is incredibly inspired.

  5. Thanks to Project Rooftop for the chance to show my work, this one is something that I do on my waiting time (sketching on the subway way home and colouring in home or at the design bureau when there’s no work to do -when I’m waiting instrucctions or comments or mails-) and is my sort of favorite game and spolied child.

    Thanks too for all the comments, I’m the kind of guy who believes in growing up and learn taking comments as reference, and all of them means time from the person who did them, and time is a precious thing.


  6. Can I say I love this? Because I love this! I love that Diana is still feminine, but powerful looking. Showing different aspects of her is great, and something I wish we would see more of. I think that Cliff Chiang’s Wonder Woman is really iconic, and the best of the New 52, and here David Tremary just proves that he is on the right track. This is so approachable, and I would watch the HELLZ out of this. :) Thank you for sharing!

  7. Chad: YES. Love this. And the idea of recontextualizing Cheetah as a series of false identities is great.

    Johns introduced it in Justice League

  8. I agree with the previous statements about Diana being to Pinched. She’s an amazon, she’s going to be built to carry at least some muscle.

    Also, can we PLEASE stop putting fuck me heels and collars (chokers) on amazons? Just no…

  9. I can’t get over how different she looks just because her boots are blue instead of red. It’s a great idea.

  10. Two stars only reminds me far too much about Don Heck getting lazy about Donna Troy’s red jumpsuit. You put only two, somebody’s going to think they mean something like that.

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