P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s Harley Quinn!

Note: Harley Quinn has been DC’s scarlet sweetheart since she was first introduced, but her recent revamp in the “New 52” has turned some people off Dr. Quinzel’s escapades. But this redesign by Kris Anka takes that original design by Bruce Timm with the more sexualized current design into something I could really get behind. And it’s a little thing — but the little wisp of hair poking out of her jester’s hat seems like something Harleen would spend hours on to make just right. – Chris A.

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  1. I really like this. And despite the lack of hands the pose is great: is she beaming with passion and affection for Mr J, or is she brimming with false innocence and concealing a weapon?

  2. Plus, this is just a mashup of the classic outfit with a few corset lines patched on. Not very much of a redesign, but she’s cutely drawn.

  3. Yeah, I really want more of this. A trademark gag weapon or over sized wooden mallet or maybe an action shot would make this feel a little more like Harley and a little less like a sketch of a cosplay to me.

  4. Another winner from Anka. I loathe the New 52 design, but this shows that a ‘sexed up’ Harley can still look like Harley. I’d like to see legs though. Curious about boots.

  5. I respectfully disagree. There is plenty here to go off for an initial design, between her headwear to the locks of hair hanging out to mask, face-paint, choker, right down to the mid-thigh design. If you ignore the detail, then yes, I could see how you might misconstrue it as half a design.

  6. Maybe he’s just making the point that the original Harley Quinn outfit is probably one of the best superhero designs to have been made in the last 20 years.

    Which it is.

  7. I’d love to see something like this over the design for the New 52, which seems to have infected the new Injustice game as well. But while I love the elements that Anka’s developed here, I have to say that Marco’s got a valid point. Check out submission guideline #4:

    4. Be sure to include enough visual information in your drawing that another artist could draw your costume without having to invent much of it themselves. Generally, a full-body frontal shot is the most easily accepted, but feel free to include multiple shots in one image.

    If I wanted to recreate this, I’d have to come up with the lower third of the design. Now admittedly, I’m thinking this isn’t something Anka “submitted” and I’m not mad to see it here. But by definition, it’s not a “full” design.

  8. I think this is too covered. Might as well just stick with the original design. Oh, and the collar. I think the collar is more demeaning than a little exposed skin.

  9. Correct, this wasn’t a submission. All items denoted P:R APPROVED were things found on the internet by the site and posted. That is why they don’t necessarily have to adhere to the guidelines. Sometimes a good design is a good design, whether it is fully fleshed out or just a partial design.

  10. Josh Oakes: I love his designs. Especially because they look like the characters are actually wearing clothes and not just painted on to their bodies. lol

    Very true!

  11. Ash: I think this is too covered. Might as well just stick with the original design. Oh, and the collar. I think the collar is more demeaning than a little exposed skin.

    Considering the nature of their relationship, I can argue that a Dominant/submissive relationship being represented is really apt for them. Considering I know people who take part in that lifestyle, I’m not sure I like how you call it demeaning.

    Also, from the folds and lines, it looks like she’s wearing slacks instead of tights. Toss in the corset on top of that top and it is different enough to count as a redesign. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to redesign something

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