P:R Redesign: Danny Dauphin’s Mysterio!

Note: Mysterio has always been one of Spider-Man’s most terrifying villains, but the fishbowl of a head always seemed to make people think he was second-rate. But this redesign by Danny Dauphin takes the movie effects maven Quentin Beck and turns him into a serious-looking player on the NYC criminal scene. With a more than casual Doctor Strange vibe here, Dauphin’s made Mysterio someone I’d love to see more of in comics. Check out that high collar with the eyes! – Chris A.

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  1. Wow, Kamen Rider Wizard went glam. I love it. Adding the eyes to the fishbowl does a lot to make it alien and mystical and less silly as hell. Have I ever mentioned how much I love regal popped collars? There’s not so much detail, it can’t be drawn, but enough that close ups are revealing. I like that

  2. Loving the eyes being a part of the cowl/collar. Also love the magician look. Mysterio has had some pretty cool updates in the past. I personally liked the Flaming/smokey headed look that reminded me of dormamu, and the Ultimate look. This is a fantatsic take though and would love to see it appear in the comics right now!!

  3. Utterly superb! The fantasy garb really suits the character and those eyes on the collar is genius, turning the clunky glass dome into something quite arcane and fierce.

  4. This is such an obvious design in hindsight now. Why hasn’t it been adopted for the character before? The jacket with long tails and high collar, plus the purple/gold color combo, yields the very nicely implied “royal wizard” sort of attitude. And the eye elements help provide an eerie facade at the same time their curve holds the orb in place.


  5. Hrm, looks like I’m going to be in the minority here based on the first wave of comments.

    I love the outfit, in general. But the eyes and the gloves just are not doing it for me. I think the eyes are an interesting concept, but I think it’s their placement that really gives me a hard time. I know it’s supposed to be “other-worldly” and thus placement conventions are thrown out the window, but I find it more distracted than anything, and that’s bad (for me).

    And I just don’t see how the gloves tie into the rest of the design in any way…homage or not. I also can’t help but see NFL receiver gloves in those, when he brings his hands together does it show the Sinister Six logo? (Okay, I don’t think they actually had one, but acknowledging that may ruin my mental image…)

    But I love the rest of the colors, patterns, and design choices from collar to robe bottom.

    I’m left curious about footwear, I also want to know if the robe pools on the floor (or below his feet if he’s hovering…)…

  6. The face printed on his torso is a nice touch too. I’d like to imagine Mysterio animating the face using his illusions into a variety of menacing expressions.

  7. God I love Mysterio, I really like that this redesign does something with the fishbowl instead of shying away from it. I would love to see this look in the comics.

  8. this is very successful, Mysterio is in need of an upgrade. There seems to be a face lurking in the torso area and it would be hellish if it started to speak! The globe head seems detached, neckless able to float free. Florescent threads instead of smoke. It’s a design rife with potential action. Nice work.

  9. dude, am i the only one who think that this is to anime to be in a marvel comic book? Not saying that i did not liked the design (awesome even though i dont really dig the eyes), but that would be perfect to be in a manga/anime of spiderman, not the comic book, but like i said before, not that there is anything wrong with this design.

  10. Aha! I love it :)
    I love everything about it: the coat, the gloves, the eye motif… plus if you go with patterns, you know I’m going to love it. It reminds me a little of my own Doctor Strange redesign, patterned coat with tails, popped collar and all… pity it didn’t make the cut like this one :(
    Either way, this is an excellent piece. Well done, Danny!

  11. Bravo, Danny, on this revision of this classic Spider-Man villain. It definitely plays up his stage magician look to where it would make people think he could take on Doctor Strange. I love the high collar and the placement of his eyes onto his fish bowl. Overall, a fantastic redesign of Mysterio.

  12. Thanks for the kind words, and for the critiques, all. It’s very much an exploration for me, as Mysterio has always been my favorite Spidey villain, but I’ve never really latched on to any of his established looks. I wrestled with the gloves for a moment, but ultimately decided on them as both a nod to the original costume pattern, and as a nod to classic “magicians” with white gloves that would pop against dark suits and curtains, drawing attention with big gestures.

    As for the “face” in the torso, that’s more of an accident of shading. As it happened, I did consider taking him full Arnim Zola, but then decided to pull it back. Maybe for another rendition…

  13. The “eyes” ruin the effect of staring into a faceless void … also makes him look almost robotic or alien. Take those eyes away and I love it.

  14. Jay: The “eyes” ruin the effect of staring into a faceless void … also makes him look almost robotic or alien. Take those eyes away and I love it.

    Or just more the eyes down to where they are traditionally. Then it would be perfect.

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